tattoo you.
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so, i had this crazy idea that instead of business cards for alt summit, i would make up some sfgirlbybay temporary tattoos. shanna murray did such an amazing job on my logo banner, and anna dorfman took it a step further working the roses from my blog into the design, that we’ve been joking around for a while now that they make a pretty fun tattoo!

so, i went online, and found this company, tattoo sales, uploaded my logo and hoped for the best. i even had them shipped to me in salt lake at the hotel, because this was a very last minute hair-brained scheme on my part! they did a perfect job, they were super affordable, and the tattoos worked perfectly! ez, from creature comforts sent me this photo of her daughter wearing one of the tattoos, and i just had to share (check out creature comfort’s great round-up today of lots of great alt business cards!). if anyone’s interested in having a tattoo made – tattoo sales sent me a discount code with my receipt: Use coupon code ‘TMO’ for 10% off your order! i really can’t recommend them highly enough.

p.s. should anyone want a sfgirlbybay tattoo, send me a email and i’ll send you my address. then, just send me a self-addressed-stamped-envelope, and i’ll mail you out a tattoo!

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  1. Your tatt cards really were the best Victoria. You clever maven you! Can’t wait to show my daughter that her wrist is famous today! She’s going to be super excited! And thanks for the shout-out for my business card roundup. You made my day too! xo Ez

  2. These are GENIUS. Forget stickers, all the cool kids will be clammering for the temp tattoos! And your logo translates into a tattoo so brilliantly. It’s like the prettier girlified version of a sailor tattoo. So, so awesome. You can expect an envelope coming from me in the near-ish future. ;)

  3. This is so wild as I just was on Tatoo Sales website this weekend after having a similar idea. The thing that I am stuck on is visualising the sizes – I’m a metric girl. What size are your the tatoos you ordered – judging from the picture above it’s a perfect size.

  4. I love your tattoo, great idea.

    Speaking of tattoos, I just gave out a handful of Lisa C.’s Eames chair tattoos at lunch with some lady architect colleagues of mine, and they were THRILLED. So cute.

  5. as usual, you rock Victoria.
    I am thinking that some custom tats would be great to use for my family reunion that is coming up. thx for the inspiration and resource.

  6. Wow this is such a great idea ! I’m pretty sure you found the perfect way to be remembered (which is what business cards are all about right ?) ! It’s so creative !! I love it (if the exclamation points have not stressed that out already :)

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