fab friday.
by victoria comment


well, no matter how you feel about it, valentine’s day is just around the corner, and many of you have some gifts to get. or perhaps you’d like to just spoil yourself a bit! why not!? so this fab friday i’m gathering some romantic gift ideas for you. happy v day!

1. i’d love to cozy up with a loved one in this gorgeous upholstered chair photographed by david prince; 2. lisa stickley’s sweet valerie make-up bag is a nice choice for a bestie; 3. i love this very prim and proper girlie BOX BAG WITH METAL CLASP from zara; 4. these are a cute valentine gift idea — jayson home’s little pocket mirrors; 5. completely in love with west elm’s finn chandelier for the light of your life; 6. i’d about sell my soul for this very romantic Siedlung Essen fine art print by Andreas Gursky, via art space; 7. perhaps you need a pretty bauble for someone really special — i’d love to receive quail pond design’s Sterling silver bubble necklace with aquamarines and pink tourmalines; 8. and some festive little chiffon shoe clips from ban.do can dress up any shoe for a valentine evening out.

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  1. well i sure do like your idea of romantic Victoria! man, there is just SOMETHIN’ about that print, isn’t there?! spot on V-day collection. love, love, love! oxo

  2. Not only do I Iove the floral upholstered chair photographed by David Prince, but I want to live in each of his photographs! His portfolio is amazing!!! Thank you so much for turning me on to such a great talent!

    I hope you enjoy this gorgeous SF weekend!

  3. it’s so funny to see the photo “siedlung essen” here, and that you call it “romantic”. I come from germany and I live in a city near Essen I have mixed feelings about this scenery… do you know, what I mean?

  4. it has kind of a conservative-catholic-small-city-people-taste to it :) but still, it is good to have one’s prejudices pushed aside a little bit by seeing it through your eyes ;)

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