all new nook.
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i got it into my head that i’d like to move the little ikea HÅVET sofa bed that was in my office, out into the breakfast nook, because it gets a lot of nice light off the sun porch, and it would be a nice spot to blog from. so i dragged the darn thing (it was like a dead body) out there to the nook, and i think i quite like it. the office has more space for actually getting work done now, so that’s a plus as well. more on how i redecorated the office space soon.

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  1. We have the same sofa bed and our guests always comment how compfi it is. One of our slats just broke though ;( I am hoping I can get a replacement. Looks like a lovely nook that you created now.

  2. It looks like the perfect spot for a Sunday nap!
    What happenend to the cart of herbs? Those pics were some of my all time favorites on SFGirlByBay!

  3. you really are one of the coolest broads on the whole planet. love the rolling cart of books. and i’m drawn to the used-in-ness of the blackboard wall. your style continues to dazzle.

  4. I love it when you invite us in, Victoria! Looks very cozy, although I did love the gorgeous plant cart in that sunny spot, too. And the books on wheels are genius!

  5. It looks really, really great! I’m such a sucker for constantly moving things around. My husband will walk into a room and say, “Wait, where did that table go, and didn’t we have a different coffee table yesterday?!!” Keeps things new I guess and keeps me happy;) xo

  6. thanks for sharing more photos of your home. you could do that every day and i would not tire of them. the images are always lovely and inspiring!

    and, while i’m not the first to comment on it, could i place first “dibs” for buying that (book) cart whenever you may get sick of it? please and thanks and wishes for a good day!


  7. Love it, love all the pops of bright colors and pink. And the book cart! Maybe I’m in the minority, but I prefer this cozier nook over the more spare look with the herbs.

  8. bravo on the move! what a delightful spot for blogging up, up & away for hours and how is it that i’m just now noticing that super fab pendant light? has it always lived there? my starts, it’s perfect! where oh where? please share. oxo

  9. Nice space! I’m the same way. Things constantly move. Especially after the Holidays, early fall and early spring. It’s almost unavoidable! ;)

    Funny I just received the same splash pillow in the mail 2 days ago (with 3 more to mix and match in the living room and around the space). I’ve been pondering about ordering them for over a year now and suddenly I see them everywhere. They are fun for sure and child friendly (easy to wash the slip cover). Also have a big black chalkboard wall and have absolutely no regrets! Nobody can resist playing with it.

  10. Hi victoria,

    Love the pillows and sofa. Can you share where you found the other pillows besides. Thefine little dayone? Xxxx

  11. This space is divine. I adore it. The book cart is brilliant. So many stacks of books over here, would like a cart like that just to keep the ones from the library separate from the rest (kids can check out basically an unlimited amount of books at the SF public libraries).


  12. This is inspiring to say the least.
    Such a perfect mix; black, white, pops of color, great textiles and vintage pieces.
    This is what my house wants to be.

    Also, I love your blog.

  13. First off, Victoria, I have a major girl crush on you. (Phhuuu! Feel much better now!)
    Your new and improved bLogging nook is a dream. I may be painting a wall of our condo with the chalk paint and I love to see all the erased inspiration above your eating nook. Just saw some purchasable dinnerware at Crate & Barrel in a sand and stone color (Camden Collection) that I was going to mix and match. Too bad I don’t have the open cabinetry like you that I could throw some black paint on and have amazing contrast. LOve youR mind and how it spill out onto your computer bLog page daily! thank you…Xxo

  14. Hi Victoria,
    So adorable, love every square inch! Where did you get the gorgeous pink flower pillow from! I’ve been looking for a pillow with pink bursts that’s not too modern and I love it! Thx for sharing your home! love love love love love!

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