know what? i’ve got an app, that’s what.
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i get lots and lots of requests from readers about where to go in san francisco — cool spots to hang out, best places to shop and especially where to find vintage bargains, so when the folks at know what asked me to join their team and provide a guide for their new know what app, i was in! Sfgirlbybay’s Bohemian Modern San Francisco is now live in the itunes app store and you can download it instantly! Woohoo! 

know what shares multiple guides to the cities’ best secret spots. right now, the app covers the greater San Francisco and Los Angeles areas with over 1,000 top recommendations from the country’s coolest and most creative people with some of the best websites. people like Vegansaurus, one of the most popular vegan lifestyle blogs; Mark Frauenfelder, editor-in-chief of MAKE magazine; and Carolyn Jung, a James Beard award-winning food and wine writer based in Silicon Valley, California.

here’s How it works:

• The price of the know what app is $2.99 which is pretty much less than your morning coffee — and comes with 400 built-in recommendations of the thousands available: The Know What Essentials.

• thousands more places can be added to the map through in-app purchases. Purchases range from $.99 to $3.99 depending on the size and subject.

Sfgirlbybay’s Bohemian Modern San Francisco app is $3.99.

• i’ve loaded up my Sfgirlbybay’s Bohemian Modern San Francisco with 75 of the hidden gems i’ve had stashed away in my brain, and will continue to update the list as new cool spots open up around the city, or when i discover something new i wanna share. so, if you’re seeking some tips on where to go and what to see in san francisco, and where the best shopping hoods are, you’ll find it all here in the sweet little know what app — and they’re all mapped out for you with directions on how to get there.

so, heading to san francisco or los angeles, and want to visit the city’s most culturally cool spots? check the guides for the one that sounds right for you. and know what? yeah, it’s going national — New York, Chicago, Boston, Seattle and Portland are coming soon!

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  1. Just downloading now, and wish it were up and running for Seattle this weekend, great, great, great! Looking forward to using your expertise when we go to the city as well. As always, you are such a great source for cool stuff!

  2. This is so SO awesome! I’m going to be going to San Francisco in May for my graduation from university (I take online classes through the Academy of Art) so I will totally creep on your recommendations! Now I’m even more excited! :D

  3. Wahoo! Congratulations! An app is so grown up of you. ;-) Seripusly, congratulations I think this is a wonderful move and know that those who visit our wonderful towm will love it, and those of us who live here, will be psyched to get your scoop on hidden gems! I can’t wait to check it out.

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