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i’ve been trying to figure out what the heck to do with my dining room for a while now. i hung the patrick townsend white orbit chandelier, but since i painted over the black walls, it’s been just looking terribly drab in there – lacking drama! so last night, i got this idea — what if i went pale, pale pink and added some kind of statement piece, as those in the know like to call it (clench your teeth and say it all fancy-like: staaatemeent peeece). so here’s what i’m doing. wish me luck!

i’ve painted the walls benjamin moore’s ‘wispy pink’ – it’s real pretty and adds a light glow to the room. then, i ordered anthropologie’s etched arcadia mural, which i’m going to hang on the wall loosely – like a tapestry. at least in theory, that’s what i want to do — i like the idea of it feeling a bit 3-dimensional. then, i ordered west elm’s grommeted iron velvet drapery panels for the window, and their Industrial Pipe curtain Rod in rubbed iron — it’s got a loft-curtain feeling that i really like, and kind of tones down the idea of velvet, if that makes any sense — perhaps more edgy.

i’m also adding west elm’s souk rug. i’ve been hankering for it since they brought it for the catalog shoot, and had to have one. this will all live with my dining room set, and then, i think i’ll hang rico suave above the buffet — that will be on the alternate wall, across from the mural wall. and the faux white fireplace mantel will live at the end wall. voilá! i hope this works as well as it does in my head!

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  1. I made a book shelf out of that pipe work (plumber’s every day hardware) and stained wood for $50. You can probably make that curtain rod for less that that!! It is very easy!!

  2. Can’t wait to see the end results! Great shade of pink. I am all for PINK. I recently went through a few pints of Benjamin Moore in search of the perfect pink. Will have to check this one out in person. I went with “gentle butterfly”.

  3. My dining room needs some serious love too…I have to figure out paint color too and I think after that it will fall into place. I like what you chose, it looks like it will go nicely with your style. Happy decorating!

  4. yes! i love it! every year about this time, i start obsessing with pale pink… it starts with buying quince blossoms (which would look amazing in your room), in the middle of january in minnesota.
    we move into our first home in a couple weeks, and the bathroom trim is that very color… i’m in love.
    and that mural is amazing.
    alison rae

  5. Actually, we say La Palette not Le Palette… Sorry Victoria!… But anyway it’s a really great great color palette!

  6. SO JEALOUS! I’ve been lusting after that mural on Anthro since it went up on their website. It is a bit big for the wall I want to use it on and I’d have to cut it down to size which scares me. Can’t wait to see how it turns out. LOVE LOVE LOVE it all!

  7. Such a wonderful palette! I could just go out and buy some paint! I painted a wall in our bedroom in this pale Pink ( it was called Notting Hill in Germany) and it broght in so much light and freshness. And I am loving the grey and Black accents here to make it not so girly looking!
    The mural is great and Rico just has to stay – he is perfect for this room!
    Enjoy! Yvonne

  8. I’ve been eyeing that mural too, so I can’t wait until you install it and I can see it in the context of a real home! The pink is nice too.

  9. You’ve had rico for forever, he has to stay!! I remember admiring him years ago when I first started reading your blog. I adore him! (And you!)

  10. Love this combo. I used to have my master bedroom painted a pale pink and in the bright sunlight it looked almost white, but a wonderful creamy white. Once I got married, I had to say goodbye to the pink walls — alas!

  11. I just got instantly jealous. Like, REALLY jealous. Can I just go ahead and do this whole thing in my house too?

    It’s going to look SO GOOD.

  12. Was thinking pink today after I saw an episode of Dear Genevieve on HGTV. She was designing a NY apartment. LOVED it. Pink has always been my favorite color. ;)

  13. I have been considering that same mural for my house so I am dying to see how it turns out. Do you have any idea how large it is when hung? Seems huge!

  14. you had me at wispy pink! love, love, love the color. my old bedroom was a pale lilac and it made me very happy in the morning. if you can pull off that mural install then you will be opening up a lot of doors for us current renters my dear! best of luck and God speed :) i can’t wait to see it! oxo

  15. Lovely colors (I’m also feeling very pink these days) balanced with some industrial elements.
    I agree with balancing metal with velvet.
    However ,that painting should go.It’s time for showcasing tacky thrift shop paintings to be over!

  16. oh wow….you found it. THE perfect pink, seriously. love, love…..SO want to paint a room in my house with this color. ANY room. sigh. Love the mural, the rug, the curtains…it is going to be gorgeous. Brilliant.

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