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awhile back i posted about glidden’s paint’s tool to help you figure out your color ‘personality’ — My Colortopia. now the folks at Glidden have developed this fun new tool called My Image Inspiration and they’ve sponsored me to try it and share it with you. if you’re in a bit of a conundrum as to how to get the color balance and paint colors you’re hoping for, My Image Inspiration is a pretty cool tool that allows you to upload a picture of something you like and think would work for your space — whether it’s a piece of art, furniture, fabric swatches — you can upload a photo of anything really, and then the tool gives you a selection of color palettes to browse through, print, share and paint!

i uploaded this pretty cath kidston fabric swatch, and the My Image Inspiration tool gave me the complementary pale pink shades i was hoping to find, and then some suggested paint colors. it’s fun, and kind of addicting! so next, i tried the My Image Inspiration tool on the palette of this bedroom corner, and it worked really well again. give the tool a try — it’s fun, and pretty darn useful, too.

• I have partnered with Glidden/Akzo Nobel Paints to write this sponsored post but the thoughts and opinions expressed are my very own.

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  1. This is fantastic! thank you so much; I’m still trying to figure out my colour scheme for my new blog and I think this will definitely help! Thanks!

  2. what a nice resource – especially considering how dreadful store lighting can be (and that i live in an apartment with mostly-north-facing windows so the light’s not so great there, either). thanks for sharing.

    and if you don’t mind sharing something else – what is the source of the second photo, please? i love the rug! probably can’t afford it, but would like to track it down just in case maybe i can! thank you.


  3. now i know i will never get that rug. i don’t speak french. :(

    thank you, though, for the link. looks like a lovely magazine.

  4. Sherwin Williams recently came out with their own version of this, but it’s not good at all. In the picture I tried out, it thought hot pink was rust. Hopefully Glidden’s is more effective.

  5. one of the most frustrating parts of starting a painting project is choosing the perfect shade of a particular color. what a useful tool! thank you for sharing. i love a site that makes a task fun!

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