in my dreams, i live here: hanalei.
by victoria comment


ahhh, to live in kauai, or anywhere in the hawaiian islands for that matter — even for just a little while. perhaps just have a little beach shack to retreat to now and then, unplug and disconnect from the weariness of the world. hanalei bay is a nice place for that — it’s ridiculously beautiful, with warm trade winds that blow through the skies keeping everything lush and green and clean. you can get up early and ride waves, get back home with your hair still damp with salty sea water, make yourself pineapple mango smoothies and take the morning in, nice and slowly. in my dreams, i could live here.

i’d have a very casual eat-in dining area in the kitchen, very bright and airy like this favorite from domino magazine; i’d keep it a bit kitschy accessorizing whitewashed walls with stormy seascapes and perhaps hang my one of a kind vintage aqua scarf up; lots of light and pops of color will fill the rooms, like this one from remodelista; and naturally i have to hang one of those big swordfish so popular in beach shacks everywhere, via tria giovan.

the living room would be a mix of a little mid-century modern and island style, with white washed floors to keep sweeping up the sand to a minimum. i think anthropologie’s jaco console would be a good fit — almost reminds me of a longboard; pretty paper lanterns to keep the look low key, via martha stewart; every good beach pad needs a hanging swing chair and i’m going to hang ryan tatar surf photos and embrace my inner hula girl with some vintage prints.

in the bedroom, i’m going to get a little bit exotic, maybe even a little pineapple plantation style — like this bedroom photographed by chris court; and i’ll have a pretty white armoire papered with island style prints; fresh flowers in vintage bowls will decorate my beside from the gardens; and of course, i’ll keep lots of tiger beer on hand, for all the darling surfer boys that will surely be hanging about. one can dream.

• top image via jerry lindholm.

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  1. Ohhhh, we just returned from a trip to Kauai. Hanalei Bay is my favorite. The water has amazing colors of blue & green & I love the jagged skyline the mountains have. Such a relaxed & easygoing lifestyle they have. In my dreams I live there, too.

  2. I love all of your ideas. I grew up close to the beach in southern California and now I live in Utah. Sometimes I feel silly decorating my house with a beach vibe, but it sure gets me through the long winter days ….

  3. sigh. this post brings back wonderful memories for me. it’s been a few years, but hubs and I absolutely adored every minute in Kauai. i was a very fit size 6 (yeah, it’s been some years!) and we left the kids behind with my mom. two weeks of bliss. i actually cried when the plane took off on the way home (Alaska). i loved it that much. so yeah, i’d totally dig living in Hanalei. sigh.

  4. There is NOTHING like Hawaii. I have been to a lot of all inclusive resorts in Mexico and the Caribbean but nothing compares to Hawaii. The feel, the smell, the look, the culture, the people.

    I was there in December and still think about it every day….Mai Tai at the Halekulani, anyone???? My treat…

  5. Let me tell you, I’m from Maui, born and raised, and I only went to Kauai ONCE for a track meet in high school! My hubby likes to torment me by saying that he’s heard that Kauai is the most beautiful of all the islands. Thank you for this dose of Hawaiian dreaming which is so welcome to me during the grey grey days of winter in the Pac NW!

  6. Loving this blog post!! :) So pretty!! Super excited about seeing one of my all time favorite photos being featured on your blog.

    Yet, while bursting with happiness, I have to say that the real owner of this photo would very much appreciate if you’d credit him and link the photo back to its original source on Flickr: … thank you for understanding :) We have reported the other source since it violates international copyright laws.

  7. In the late seventies there used to be a Club Med at the site of the old Hanalei Plantation, it was on the point running down towards the river. I worked there for a month teaching tennis, and it was paradise. I have been back many times staying in Princeville, (not my favorite) and in Hanalei. (my favorite)
    Now I’m getting close to retiring and would love for it to be this area, but it all comes down to money……doesn’t everything eventually!
    So I’m looking at Thailand and Malaysia, the countries where you can live on a couple of thousand a month…….but my heart will be in the islands. Aloha.

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