the view from here.
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the view from here this week:

1. well, well…here’s something to tweet. haha — pun intended. this is just but one of london-based artist claire brewster’s magnificent map papercuts. ahhhh, go on — put a bird on it, just one more time. via trendland.

2. do you like poloroids? do you like things just a little bit off-kilter? i mean that in the best of ways. then, yes, you will like the poloroid photographer of prop stylist jen gotch. go looksee. it’s super happy. it’s good. jen does lots of cool things, and this is just one of ’em.

3. apparently, even famous people ride bikes. it’s just the fun thing to do. and to celebrate, PUBLIC bikes is hosting a book signing party next Friday, February 24, 6–8pm at the South Park PUBLIC Headquarters. author Steven Rea who will share photos and discuss his new book Hollywood Rides a Bike. mark your calendars AND PRE-REGISTER HERE.

4. do you read anthology magazine? you really ought to. it’s actually printed (you know, the old-fashioned way on paper) and you’ll find some great home tours in it, like this one of stephen and shauna’s philadelphia loft. they are the creative duo behind something’s hiding in here — they’re rad, too.

5. there’s buildings in the desert of palm springs that look like spaceships. it’s true. some are really cool, mid-century modern treasures, and you can tour them if you head down to palm springs, california for modernism week. it’s on right this minute, from february 16 through the 26th. so cool. no, actually it’s really hot. you should go because it’s probably cold where you are.

6. are you into fashion blogs? this park & cube is a really truly nice one, with some blockbuster fabulous photos. this photo spread of the asos 2012 collection is simply sublime.

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  1. Homestilo said it!

    p.s i just love the picture of the Philadelphia loft full of books… My dream house – old, really creaky old with new plumbing, and full of books that I would actually have the time to read!

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