tuesday’s girl: adele.
by victoria comment


the beautiful and powerfully gifted adele graces the cover of vogue this march and she’s never looked more lovely. now, i know what you’re thinking…retouched. but hey, i’d like them to retouch me up a bit so i’d look this, especially if i were going to be in the pages of vogue. and regardless of any retouching here, i think it’s safe to say, adele’s voice is the real thing, as is i think her soul. and for me, that’s what really matters. her music gives me the chills. i have to actually change the radio station should she come on at a time, heaven forbid, i’m feeling even a tiny bit heartbroken — or i just lose it! anyway, this tuesday’s girl, is all about adele.

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  1. I’d want to be retouched too although I notice they haven’t ‘fixed’ her wonky nose… as someone who has a wonky nose, I would be disappointed if it was airbrushed! I like when flaws like that are left in photo shoots!

    She’s so gorgeous though – her laugh is fantastic!

  2. I have seen that cover at my local bookstore three times now, and three times I’ve felt greatly disappointed by the amount of retouching. I am fully aware that all cover photos are retouched, but this was so blatant that to me that woman became someone else. I think what made it worse for me was seeing her artificial self on the cover of Vogue, surrounded by a handful of other covers (People mag, for one) featuring her naturally beautiful self. I would be very curious to know what Adele thinks of it, for I would be so crushed under the pressure that such a cover puts on the physical expectations of me. With that being said, the pictorial is gorgeous and Adele remains one of my favorite female voices of our times.

  3. She’s lovely – from the video of this shoot, though, they definitely got rid of a little chub on her chin. As a chubby chin myself, I say “either send around retouchers for all of us, or leave it alone!”

    Still, it’s a lovely shoot.

  4. I’d never heard of Adele before and just spent the evening listening to “Someone Like You” on repeat like a big teenagey nerd. There *may* have been some sobbing too, although I’ll never admit it.

  5. The photo session is stunning (and I’m just looking past the retouching)! But, what I love even more is the video. She’s amazing on multiple levels. Especially considering how young she is. What a wonder!

  6. oh adele, how I love thee! She is just amazing, an amazing artist, and what a woman. She is not one of those skinny pop girls and I love it. Thx for featuring her, she really deserves to be in the spotlight!!

  7. Thanks for the link Victoria to this *amazing* young woman. I have read so many articles in the last few days about this *STAR*….””’wow”” is all I have to say! Cheers, Valerie

  8. Oh dear-! Retouched indeed. And strapped in, zipped up, concealed, shot with her looking up (makes the face look thinner), painted and lit carefully within an inch of her life. Like everyone else who gets shot for Vogue I will grant you, but only yesterday I saw a quote from her talking about media expectations and glamour in music, in which she stated she had no wish to be on the cover of Vogue, it’s not where she’s coming from. Not that a girl can’t change her mind but for me this painted characterture puts a chink in her sincerity. This isn’t Adele, it’s an idealized replicant.

  9. recently 2 of my girlfriends and i were out at a local bar and someone decided playing “someone like you” on the jukebox was a great idea. the three of us were holding back tears while smoking a cigarette to get through it. i like to think adele would have been proud of how we were handling it. haha the next day i found this article that explains her power! http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052970203646004577213010291701378.html#articleTabs%3Darticle

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