looking good from all angles.
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all of a sudden, everything looks angular to me. there’s loads of geometric shapes, like all those triangle trends we keep seeing around these days, from wallpaper patterns to furniture design. i took a look around and i’m even seeing a lot of a-frame architecture making a comeback too, which i’m thrilled about, because i love those cozy little nooks and crannies — so much fun to decorate those secret hideaways! yep, it’s looking good from all angles!

the re-launch of the Svend Skipper Papa Bear Chair from danish red; and susanna vento design.

some very angular danish modern dining room chairs and pendant lamps, via sköna hem.

pretty gold geometric pendant lamps from *Neëst*’s; and vanessa bruno’s mid-century modern triangular coffee table, interiør magasinet.

the very fabulous odyessy writing desk from graham & green.

angular inspiration from sköna hem; and some pretty great plywood pennants from against the wood grain.

these mid-century modern lounge chairs have a lovely angle to them, via bo bedre; and i love this Swedish a-frame house in Komstad, via my scandinavian retreat (above) and another lovely scandinavian a-frame via hus & hem (below).

• top image Katie Stratton’s (of Katie’s Pencil Box) home via the veda house.

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  1. it is interesting to see how the trends are coming/moving…these angles, edges and triangles, we could see them in the car industry not so long ago, and now it’s growing a lot in the home design industry. very cool!

  2. funny how that happens, i did a similar bit of a post last friday. somehow, your brain just gets stuck somewhere and wants more of a certain visual. and then you see it everywhere! love the painting on that first a-frame wall.

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