mix & match madly!
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light locations has a new home on their roster, and i’m wondering if they’ll notice if i just move in for a while. i just love everything about this super Stunning Georgian house in Stockwell. there’s Beautiful color throughout the house, but what i like best is the mad mix and match of furnishings — from Victorian to mid-century modern, it all seems to work effortlessly. not to mention the collection of some of the most amazing mid-century modern lighting fixtures i’ve ever seen. they’re very calder-esque, and i’m wondering if they’re the real thing. gorgeous. visit light locations for the full tour.

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  1. this might just be my favorite home you’ve ever posted! i love the mix of color/styles to create just the perfect space. i want to re-vamp my home so it looks like this!

  2. this layout is making my heart beat rapidly!!!
    I love the fresh and clean look yet it has so much to offer.
    We are desperately trying to lighten our house with bright color, lamps and more shine.
    This space is really an inspiration to get me going.

  3. I looked at these the first time and noticed the awesome rugs and furniture first. I had to re-look at them to check each light out individually, they all go so well, did someone say effortlessly! I agree! I’ll take the floor lamp please. The one with the 5 colorful cone shaped fixtures.

  4. Love the use of some iconic pieces in a fresh way. And there seems to be so much space despite the rooms not appearing to be huge. Just a great mix of patterns and textures and colour. Very unique…great inspiration for my bland bland basement!

  5. Wholly smokes this place knocks my socks off. I love the pink, gray and yellow combo! And the kitchen – using a long sideboard as the cabinet. this might change things for my kitchen re-do idea! oh my!

  6. All of these colours are inspirational! Seriously! Like…. I feel like I’m about to paint a new illustration with from this blog post! I especially love those curtains! Magical!

  7. The one afternoon that I was so busy to check posts, I see today that we posted the same house! Anyway, it’s pretty amazing although my own style absolutely needs to be wrapped around a complete Anthropologie styled home:) Love it non-the-less. Have a beautiful Thursday dear.

  8. This home is swoon worthy! I am an eclectic girl at heart (I adore a mixture of vintage, retro, modern & shabby chic), so this home speaks volumes to my senses! And, the pops of color – oooh la la! How deliciously divine!

  9. I cannot stop looking at these pictures. The pink sofa is a little too wild for me, but I’d be happy to copy and paste everything else into my house.

  10. Love the look of this home!! Where did you find those amazing, colorful curtains and what is that gray/blue paint color??


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