tuesday’s girl: feather & stone.
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i got a lovely little note from the dynamic photography duo, seth and tenielle of feather & stone of brisbane, australia, inviting me to share with you a bit of their very beautiful wedding portfolio, and i am most happy to do just that for something a little different this tuesday’s girl. the couple shoot some incredibly lovely (and unique!) wedding photography, and they love to travel. so, each year they make the trip from australia to America to visit Seth’s family in Florida and whilst they’re on the road they block out time for a few stops on the way and will be available for Wedding and Portrait assignments.

When they’re not shooting in Australia feather & stone are available for shoots in the following locations around the world, should you be looking for just that sort of special someones to capture your wedding day:

South Africa & Botswana = June 9 – 29th
UK & Italy = June 30th – 16th of July
NYC, Florida and California = 17th of July – 19th of August

seth and tenielle’s eyes are naturally drawn to a creative, quirky, personality-driven portraits. Photography can be anything you want it to be, but for feather & stone they are finding themselves heading back to what it used to be about, character, art, tangible images, which they feel exist in film. The two appreciate both forms of photography, but let’s just say they’ve always felt more compelled to be taking photos rather than editing them. They appreciate its color, depth, tones, texture, imperfections and the discipline it takes to use it.

for more about feather and stone and to view more of their portfolio, visit their website, their beautiful blog, and you can follow their adventures on twitter, and friend them on facebook, too!

• post sponsored by feather and stone but all commentary and opinions are my own.

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  1. Have you seen Jonathan Canlas’s photography……..Victoria…..you must Google Jonathan Canlas….promise me you google him?? ;)

    These pics remind me of him….have you googled him yet?
    I”ll help you out: http://canlasphotography.blogspot.com/

    I’m not his wife…not even related to him…not his best friend…but his pics are AMAZING.

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