vintage finds for a modern world: schoolhouse rocks!
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did y’all know that schoolhouse electric is selling more than just lovely lighting fixtures? yep, it’s true. schoolhouse has a whole new line of fabulous furniture, home wares and accessories to light up your beautiful life, too. i need several of these items, including that awesome black tufted sofa!

the new schoolhouse collection includes upholstery, poufs, vintage-inspired chairs, bed frames, linens, clocks, wall maps and kitchen and bath ware and much more. schoolhouse is rocking it!

13 responses to “vintage finds for a modern world: schoolhouse rocks!”

  1. I was aware, but I will spend at least 15 min dreaming on their website today. Thanks. I love staring at their super useful, beautiful, clean lined stuff.

  2. There is an old grange on an old dirt road in Eastern Washington that closed about 20 years ago. Some of the windows are busted out, part of the ceiling has caved in, and it is occupied by about an hundred pigeons. There are six of these old lamps hanging from the ceiling- glass covers intact, (and another half dozen enameled green lamp shades) and I am dying to find out who owns the place so I can rescue them before it’s too late!

  3. i’ve been dreaming about that black sofa for months! i’ve also fallen asleep with the catalog too many times to mention :) i’m so impressed with their new products and your assortment here! oxo

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