in my dreams, i live here: stockholm.
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i have yet to visit stockholm, sweden but i can assure you, it’s very high on my list of must go there’s. the city seems to be a hotbed of creativity and really, really good design. i think what i admire most is that the swedish aesthetic is never flashy, most often than not quite practical and modern, but all the while so cozy and so naturally beautiful. their floors alone send me into a fit of envy. in my dreams, i could easily see myself living in stockholm.

i’m sure my living room will be warm and cozy with a great little gallery for my collections, much like est magazine, with a wood buring fireplace and nice stacks of firewood ready for the burning. i’ll collect all sorts of brilliant books illustrated by swedish designers, like elisabeth dunker’s lovely collection, and have white washed floors like i’ve been coveting forever, via paul massey.

the dining area will be bright and airy, but also a little funky and vintage-inspired, like this one photographed by ditte isager; i will definitely own one of fine little day’s up cutting boards; and because i am a huge admiring of type, a fieldguided vu de l’extérieur print will hang in the dining area; right off the sparkling white and very functional kitchen, via finn.

i’ll be inviting lots of designers over for evening soireés, so i think i’ll have a fantastic industrial chic bar cart, like this one via Vårt Nya Förlag, as seen on emma’s design blogg.

my bedroom will probably be very simple, but stylishly sparse, via innerstadsspecialisten; i’ll definitely have one of these geometric blankets from human empire to keep me nice and warm; and i’ll happily display pride of my hometown with a affiche stockholm print by Ingela P Arrhenius, via happy home.

naturally, i’ll be a fantastic designer like so many of my peers here in sweden, and i think my studio space will look a bit like this russell smith photograph — a bit chaotic looking, but with a method to my madness, via desire to inspire.

• top image via stilleben shop.

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  1. I’ve also dreamed of living in Stockholm (or at least visiting) for ages! I even did a post about it too a couple of years ago. Gorgeous images here. :)

    • Wait until the summer! Swedish summers are amazingly beautiful. There are 20,000 islands in the Stockholm archipeligo and even though it’s not technically full “midnight sun,” to we americans, it is! It’s only dusky for an hour or two in the middle of the night. (and the converse in December!) The light is something truly special. I’m a transplant; an american living in stockholm; a fan reader of your blog, which I discovered while looking for inspiration as we moved to our first house 2 years ago. You’re so consistantly on! Bravo! Today, i found you through design mom and this post has me finally logging in. i can see that you are familiar with emma’s design blog – a quintiessintial guide. Looking at other notes: yes, to “fika” here is like breathing and you’ll never have a shortage. Swedish design functionality is sublime but, I, too, like another reader, find Danish design speaking to me again and again. I keep trying to define why — it shares much of this Scandinavian element but is just more… feminine, poetic; individual in it’s details.. However, I think Stockholm is the place to live! (that being said… weren’t the Danes named the happiest people on earth?!) Come see both! Again, you have a wonderful blog!

  2. Oh goodness- I’ve been listening to The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo series & have already been longing to make a trip to Stockholm. Love the images you shared.:)

  3. there is a pulsating vibrancy to scandinavian minimalism like the sorts i never seen anywhere else – it’s leggy and lean all capped off with a wry smile, daring you to follow along.

  4. Wow, serendipity, I hadn’t peeked in at your blog for quite awhile and suddenly remembered it today- and there’s a post about Stockholm! Have been apprehensive about a move back there within a year or so with my Swedish husband, hard to leave home and family etc, but your post made me feel excited about it and remember Stockholm’s awesomeness. Lived there 6 years and loved it- soon I’ll see how life is there with 2 small kidlets!

  5. I had the pleasure of spending a week in Sweden, half of it in Stockholm. It is indeed a wonderful place. I did hear from a number of expats that Swedish is an extremely difficult language to master, full of subtle intonation. Luckily, design is a nearly universal language …

  6. I loved my trip to Stockholm, and I am certain that you would love the amazing design shops there! Just remember to take lots of pocket money…

  7. May I also suggest a visit to Denmark, Copenhagen. As a swede I prefer danish design both interior and fashion ;)

  8. I visited Stockholm for the first time at the end of November and it was amazing. I’ve always assumed that traditional swedish aesthetic was limited to whites, creams, browns, etc. What surprised me was their use/love of color. The backdrops are very clean but the Swedes definitely like to infuse color with textiles, furniture, ceramics, etc. It was really inspiring. I posted a few photos from my long weekend here:

    p.s. LOVE your blog!

  9. Sick with ENVY! I would die for their kitchen. My husbands’ Uncle lives near Gothenburg on the West side of the Scandinavian Peninsula.. hmmmmmmm lightning bulb moment over here…

  10. I am with Emma! I think you should just move over to our neck of the woods! We LOVED Stockholm when we visited recently. It has a slightly different feel that Copenhagen and although we are partial to Denmark, Sweden is absolutely wonderful as well! I am certain that you would love it!

  11. I have lived in Stockholm for over two years and honestly, can’t wait to GET OUT! I’ve lived in New York and SF and well, I guess you have to have your own experience here but people here are extremely rude, they walk straight into you and don’t say excuse me and everything is insanely overpriced for no reason. Never thought that London would be cheaper than Stockholm! As far as Stockholm having his great design reputation I think ti’s a myth. The design scene here is very bland and what you see online is very hyped up as it’s not really the reality here. Just wait when you walk around and count how many Ikea Billy bookcases you spot in people’s apartments. This is just my 2 cents but I feel it’s my duty to warn people about this place and I’m not alone…
    I guess you’ll have to experience it for yourself to believe it but Stockholm is really a horrible place.

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