tuesday’s girl: secret squirrel…etc. etc.
by victoria comment


my new contributor aaron de simone introduced me to secret squirrel via pinterest, and i fell instantly in love — not just for the the name, which is awesome, but for their fabulous clothes. i love these geometric beauties, and i thought it would be fun to play a little mix & match and accessorize these secret squirrel looks and add a few pieces to wear with them from around the web, including jcrew and madewell. that was fun (not for my wallet, but fun, nonetheless)!

clockwise, l to r: 1. secret squirrel triangle skirt; 2. les componsantes clutches; 3. inka books from inky co.; 4. polder miami ring from madewell; 5. holepunch sidewalk skimmers from madewell; 6. madewell passenger clutch; 7. cana flechaâ„¢ thin bracelet; 8. skinny skinny ankle colorpop jeans from madewell and leopard-print sidewalk skimmers; 9. madewell mini bag; 10. jcrew patent leather skinny belt.

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  1. What a great site – thanks for the share! I love how you put such a sophisticated yet subtle palette of colors and patterns together!

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