partial to plywood.
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i keep seeing exposed, unpainted plywood and repurposed raw rough wood around the web these days, and i must say, i’m kinda partial to it. it’s economical for certain, but there’s something so natural and effortless i like about it, too. it’s not overly effortless, mind you and it’s not like someone just got lazy. it just looks so cool and organic, like this studio (above) belonging to emily wright, via the design files. here’s a look at some raw woodsy rooms i really quite like.

sunset magazine; truck furniture; and Ochre Barn by Carl Turner Architects | Norfolk, England, via yellow trace.

wonderful loft-like bedroom nook, via apartment therapy.

great diy idea — barn-like sliding door, via Intérieur.

i love the plywood paneled wall, via the brick house.

built-in bedroom nook, via dwell magazine.

great kitchen ‘backsplash’ idea, via apartment therapy.

truck furniture’s headboard; and string furniture.

even faux wood wallpaper by Piet Hein Eek looks great, from bodie and fou; simple plywood headboard via red online; truck furniture; and kitka’s.

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  1. “Second that motion” on Suzanne Dimma’s cottage! It is a lovely cottage – just amazing.

    I have been thinking about cottaging lately and how I do prefer a place that “looks” like a cottage. Combine that wood with some mid-century modern/Scandinavian design elements and you have a home run!

  2. I’ve always loved when plywood is used in interesting ways in it’s raw state. Warm and modern at the same time. Just finished watching the Ray & Charles Eames doc on Netflix too, and it was interesting to hear how Charles was inspired by this “new” material and what he could do with it. An affinity for raw material that launched an empire….

  3. I understand the appeal of being surrounded by warm wood tones that come at a very low sticker price, but diy-ers beware! Many of these types of plys are intended for exterior use only because they emit high levels of formaldehyde. If left untreated indoors, they may cause all kinds of health problems (not to mention they are extremely combustible)! I recently stayed at a seaside town in Uruguay that was constructed completely of plywood, not only was it structurally unsound, but I couldn’t stop having nightmares of the place catching fire. This only pertains to a very small percentage of images in the post, not trying to be negative, just informative. I too love me some wood!

  4. I do like the plywood. But can anybody tell me where to find the checkerboard seagrass rug in the first image? I have found plenty other styles of seagrass/sisal rugs, but none with this look that are available in the U.S. Thanks!!

  5. I’ve seen those rugs at Cost Plus as well and you just have to snip a thread at the end of each square; check Pier 1 as well… The sliding door idea is always my favorite… My mom lives in the Oakland hills, we see a lot of this wood. No-one has died yet because of it that I know of.. (And Mrs. Sullivan died sticking her tongue to the wood on her kitchen cabinet..) Ok- I’m warped. So is wood.. so there. lol

  6. Man, I love the idea of wood grain walls. So much more economical than paint or wall paper and such a cool aesthetic. Really modern and lovely. Thanks for sharing!

  7. This is aesthetically my favorite post you’ve ever done, Victoria! These spaces are ALL incredible. A feast! I’m bookmarking this post to come back to for years to come!

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