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hi there – it’s wednesday, so it must be time to hang some art! i found this image in a fantastic post that victoria wrote a few weeks ago, titled orange is never ordinary. isn’t this the sweetest little breakfast nook ever?

ahh – i would love to start my day sitting at that table. now, you can see that there’s already some lovely stuff hanging in the space, and sitting on the shelves, but i’m going to pretend that i just moved in {thanks to photoshop!}:

yep. i kept their table and chairs – they’re so fabulously eclectic, i had to have them! but let’s pretend that the previous owners took their hanging piece from the wall. i’d fill the space with these:

oh, ben skinner, you and your witty, beautifully executed inlaid wood pieces could hang in my nook any day {they work quite nicely with my newly acquired chairs, yes?}. but what to put on those three lovely little built in shelves?

sigh. the first time i saw these gorgeous, organic, kinda bizarre, ceramics by la based artist elsa mora, i just knew that i needed an entire collection of them – these shelves would be a perfect home! {ps. are those feet salt & pepper shakers? oh please let them be salt & pepper shakers – my breakfast nook would be forever grateful!} ok, back to the task at hand. as sweet as the simple little light in the original space was, i thought it would compliment the bohemian looking furniture to hang an elegant piece of art, that also happens to be a lamp:

a stunning chandelier by lighting designer/artist stuart haygarth, titled “magoo” – because it’s made up of thick, perfectly round lenses from hundreds of mr.magoo glasses! gorgeous, and hilarious. ah, so much to love in the nook!

now, i know that there are a zillion things you could do in any room, so please, let me know what you might do! see you in two weeks with more art to hang ~ the jealous curator xo


  1. What an absolutely clever way to test if a piece of artwork will work in one’s space before an impulse purchase! I think I will take a photo of my living room and plan my salon gallery wall on my Photoshop in the digital world before I put nails on my wall in the physical world! ha!

  2. Danielle, I love these posts! They’re so much fun. I want to hang out in that breakfast nook. The contrast between the dark wood floors and the white furniture and walls is fantastic. I love art with text, so the Ben Skinner pieces would be awesome.

    • i have two of ben’s pieces in my house, and i LOVE them!!! i would never have the patience to cut those letters, and then lay them back into the word perfectly?!?! boggles the mind.

  3. so creative and lovely, daniel, per usual! these european apartments are too much to handle sometimes. that terrace is just… perfect!

  4. I’m never really sure where to hang my framed photos and artwork…I usually just stick it wherever there’s space! I love the idea of a breakfast nook; I wish I had one. And if I did, I would totally follow your inspiring suggestions.

  5. These kinds of posts are always so fun! I’ve done a few similar posts on Artsy Forager and it always surprises my readers how much a different style of work can transform a room!

    I love that you’ve incorporated suggestions for accessories and lighting, too! Great post, Danielle!

  6. Love the natural materials and organic shapes in this one. Also, Elsa Mora is one of my favorite artists and people. She’s amazing. I have a couple of her prints, and I never tire of looking at them.

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