serena & lily – a giveaway.
by victoria comment


oh hello! maybe you recognize this pup? yep, that’s miss lucy, doing her very best super model thang for my sponsor, serena & lily. my talented friend photographer laurie frankel shoots for serena & lily, so when they were looking for a little extra ‘something special’ for the cover shot of the spring catalog, they called on my girl!

to celebrate lucy’s cover girl moment and their new blue & white collection, serena & lily is sponsoring a giveaway for a $100 gift voucher to one lucky sfgirlbybay reader for anything from their site!

*giveaway is now closed. thanks for entering!

to enter, simply:

• visit serena & lily and choose one of your favorite blue & white items from their online collection.

• comment below sharing your favorite blue & white item by march 15th. and, as always, please leave a way to reach you, either on twitter, facebook or email.

• i’ll announce a winner on twitter the week of march 19th.

here’s a few of my very favorites from the blue & white collection!

clockwise, l to r: indigo charing cross rug; the malibu chandelier; love the white piccadilly chair — it’s on wheels!; love to see a room painted with this dramatic navy wall paint; pretty
navy spade pillow; and i always love a great looking white moroccan leather pouf for extra seating.

• giveaway sponsored by serena & lily.

359 responses to “serena & lily – a giveaway.”

  1. LOVE the chair. A classic but I don’t believe I have ever seen it in this crisp, clean white. The casters on the front legs really give it a modern twist. Uptown – downtown. Very cool!

  2. Can I just say all of it? That’s a legit answer, right? If I had to pick just one, I do really love the Indigo Charing Cross Rug. And the honeycomb lamp is a close second.

  3. I love the indigo kyoto pillow. I’ve been wanting new pillows for a looong time. This would be perfect!

  4. They are all gorgeous — just got the catalog yesterday and can’t stop looking at the gorgeous items. I’d choose the Senegalese baskets. Also love the Piccadilly chair — would look awesome with my sofa. I just want it all!

  5. I could furnish my entire home from Serena & Lily. I’ve been eyeing the Picadilly chair for quite some time now. I love it so much.

  6. Hooray for giveaways! I’d definitely go with the indigo charing cross rug that you picked as well. :)

  7. I would love to have the “navy border frame duvet” — it’s just so simple and lovely.

  8. So hard to choose! I love the navy and cobalt feather rug, and the indigo charring cross rug, and the moroccan pouf, and the honeycomb lamp!

  9. it’s hard to choose, but since i am in desperate need of a bed… i absolutely love the fillmore bed with nailheads! classic & beautiful :)

  10. i’ve been eyeing the Ellie Side Table (have that on my pinterest) but am really loving the Piccadilly Chair. seems like a cozy chair to have at the corner in the bedroom.

  11. Indigo Charing Cross Rug fa’ sho. It would look beautiful under my vintage glass, gilded legged coffee table and vintage floral couch. droooool. PS Lucy looks so glamourous!

  12. Wow, love the textural quality & warm earthiness of the Sumba stool! My fav from the blue & white collection.

  13. Ahhh! This is making me crazy in the best way possible! I have two dull as it gets navy blue couches and cannot afford to upgrade. I’ve been desperately looking for some great blue/white accessories to spritz things up so THANK YOU for introducing me to Serena & Lily. My faves are the Navy Spade Pillow and the Indigo Herringbone Throw. Love em!

  14. I really like those Senegalese storage baskets… I could store all kinds of things in those!

  15. i looove the senegalese storage baskets! i could definitely use these in my living room.

  16. I have been redoing my living room after living with all boys (i.e. it looked like a dorm room) for five years, and the Marine Charing Cross Rug would be perfect to tie the new grey, blue, lemon yellow room together.

  17. I LOVE the Catalina duvet! Love your website and ideas!


    A fellow bay area friend!

  18. I absolutely adore the Indigo Herringbone Throw and have been eying it for quite some time!

  19. Wow, it’s hard to choose one, but I’d have to say my number one favorite is the Piccadilly Chair. For runner up, the Sarah Bird Lamp followed by the Indigo Kyoto Pillow.

  20. My practical side likes the Hayworth bookshelf, which I am in desperate need of. However, I love the Blue and cobalt feather rug too!!!

  21. My bedroom is blue and white, so this is right up my alley! I love the Indigo Herringbone throw. I have to say, the cover of the catalog is phenomenal. (I’m assuming you can see our email in the comments, but if not,

  22. Can I pick the cute little guy? No, ok I love I the Indigo Herringbone Throw!
    get me by email at kcat86 at aol dot com!

  23. Hi Victoria,
    Ooh, I just got my catalog this week and was instantly smitten with the new navy collection. So fresh and new. And Lucy- what a natural.

    As I am currently remodeling my kitchen, I am coveting the Navy Deco Frame Rug for my kitchen banquette dining area. Making a list to complete the whole look…

  24. I really like your picks Victoria, especially the Navy Spade Throw Pillow. I could definitely see that on my couch. :-)

  25. My favorite item is definitely the Indigo Charing Crossing Rug – I think it would instantaneously put any room together. I’d also like to throw some pillows in too, Serena & Lily prints are the best! Thanks so much!


  26. It is so hard to choose but I am in love with the Indigo Charing Cross Road rug, the Malibu Chandelier, and the Navy Buddy Pillow!

  27. Love, love, love the white Moroccan pouf. Nice selection of products to highlight from a beautiful collection, Victoria!

    Cheers, Amy

  28. I love the Ellie side table, but the Malibu chandelier and moroccan leather pouf are close behind. Congratulations, Lucy — you look stunning! The moment my catalog arrived in the mail, I rushed to pin that fabulous shot.

  29. I am in love with the indigo herringbone throw, malibu chandelier, and the navy gobi embroidered sheet set !!!! I have navy and white with orange accents in my master bedroom. I am struggling with accent pieces, after moving my daughter into her own crib from the basinet. I’m left with an un-organized mess. These pieces would be great to add into the room (ok and maybe a few things for my daughters room too!!)

  30. The white morrocan pouf would look amazing in our nursery. I could definitely use a little luxury when I’m rocking my daughter back to sleep at 4:00am!

  31. The practical me is drawn immediately to the paint in ‘gull’ – so gorgeous!
    Impractical me would head straight for the Charing Cross rug – even though it would mean redecorating one of our rooms entirely to accommodate it!

  32. It’s hard to pick a favorite because everything is so lovely over there, but if I had to pick it would be the Indigo Charing Cross Rug! Gorgeous.

  33. LOVING the white moroccan pouf, the whole Ronan collection…. so perfect for my little boys new big boy room, and the indigo throw! really.. i love it all!!!!

    twitter: @gkgmama

  34. my favorite is the james collection crib bedding set. i think it would suit my little theodore perfectly. he’s still sleeping in a bassinet in our room while our little toddler savors the last weeks of sleeping in her girly crib. my husband built her a platform toddler bed, which she has “re-purposed” as a home for her stuffed animals. soon penelope and theodore will share a room and we will retire the girly crib bedding for something more “manly” and classic. the james collection looks like just the thing.

  35. Ahhh, so many beautiful things, it’s hard to settle on just one. BUT, that “Navy Buddy” pillow is awesome! I cannot have a dog, and I LOVE them, so the next best would be to have a doggy silhouette on a living room pillow. :)

    Lucy is an adorable model!


  36. The throw of course, the pillows, the pouf, and the amazing rope baskets!
    Anything would actually be awesome for my sons’ bedroom, it’s nay themed!
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  37. looking good, lucy! i love this new collection from serena & lily and while it’s hard to choose just one piece from the navy and white collection, the white leather moroccan pouf is pretty incredible. crossing my fingers!

    (email is the best way to reach me)

  38. My fave is the indigo charing cross rug! And Lucy looks so adorable on those steps. I die. You can email me or tweet me at @brookekpeters!

  39. navy gobi embroidered sheet set, navy/cobalt feather rug, navy deco frame rug, navy spade pillow, herringbone throw – indigo, parker x-bench w navy trim, white moroccan leather pouf

  40. Navy Gobi embroidered sheet set! Gorgeous. Indigo herringbone throw, too, & not just because of my name ;)

  41. 100% the Fillmore Headboard With Nailheads. I have been searching for the perfect nailed headboard and this is it. Perfectly described as ‘elegant simplicity that works in every space.’ I would adore this in my apartment with its classic style and brushed nickel nailheads.

    You can reach me through FB or email. Thank you!

  42. Lucy is so cute! My favorite item has got to be the navy border frame duvet – love it.

    mysecretagentloverman at gmail dot com

  43. Love the Navy Spade Fabric! The Indigo Charing Cross Rug also is most desired. Lucy is the ultimate cover girl!!!
    You can reach me @gmail
    anne . reap

  44. So many favorites! I would love that herringbone throw for myself, but also love the Navy/Clover cabin quilt for my son’s room.

  45. Love, love, love the hayworth shelf….perfect for an office. Thanks for the giveaway. You can reach me by e-mail

  46. love the belgian club chair with navy spade fabric! thanks for the contest! please reach me via email.

  47. I have to say the Navy Buddy decorative pillow – in honor of all our ‘pups’ and perfect toss pillow for the boat!

  48. What a giveaway! I love them a lot! Their products are so stylish!
    I am definitely in love with Catalina duvet . So adorable!

  49. I have not heard of this site so thank you for introducing me to it! I love everything on the site! I think my stand out favorite is the Belgian chair in navy blue or white. Love the clean lines, so classic! Thanks for hosting the giveaway, Jess @atxglutenfree

  50. How can I choose just *one* favorite!
    I love the paint color, the herringbone throw, and kaleidoscope sheets…just for starters.
    I love navy and white, and love Serena and Lily-winning combination! Bravo!
    Sorry if this is a double post-got an error message since so many people are posting. The power of Facebook! =)

  51. My fav has to be the cross rug! Will add so much drama to a room!
    Love it all….always a favorite of mine to wish for something from here:)

  52. Its so hard to choose!!! But if I have to I’d go with the Ronan duvet! Or the Catalina!! They’re both great!!

  53. Indigo Charing Cross Rug for sure. Love the girls at Serena and Lily. Has been so much fun to watch their company blossom!

  54. I love navy and white … The Piccadily chair is fabulous and I also love the spade pillow and the indigo herringbone throw!

  55. LOVE the white Moroccan pouf! I want one in every room of the house!!! BTW, a cute pup like Miss Lucy wouldnt hurt either. What a cutie!

  56. Oh my they have added a lot since last time I did some Serena and Lily shopping!!!! I can’t express how much I love the colbalt rope bin baskets…. OMG!!!!

  57. I absolutely love this collection! But my favorite is the Elephant side table!
    I would love to have it for my babies room to put books on!

  58. Indigo charing cross rug for sure. It would look oh so very lovely in my preschool boys’ room. What a find!

  59. Indigo Herringbone Throw for sure! With the Picadlilly Chair coming in a close second! LOVE the Navy/White combo!

  60. I love everything navy and white and I’d have to pick the Malibu Chandelier and the Indigo Charing Cross rug! And your lovely Lucy is the perfect touch to that gorgeous staircase :-)

  61. I would love the white pouf for baby Jude’s nursery when he arrives in July. Lots of long days and nights, it will be great to put my feet up!

  62. I need to have the Senegalese Storage Baskets, they would fit perfectly in my living room. We have double sliding glass doors and looking for something small to add to the one corner near the doors. Perfect colors align nicely with our room…not sure if I can wait to see if I win, might have to make some purchases beforehand!

  63. The white Chakki is so sweet! I also have a big, white fluffy pooch named Lucy. Great cover photo!

  64. A Navy Border Frame Standard Sham would look so nice on my bed (I have a goose down pillow that is just begging for it).

    margueritecore [at] gmail [dot] com

  65. This is tough because I love everything in this store! But my favorite navy and white item is the malibu chandelier!

  66. I’ve always crushed on that white Moroccan pouf but that blue and white chevron rug is pretty too. And I love that cover! When the catalog showed up in my mailbox I was struck with how pretty it is. And your sweet dog just adds charm to it.

    Thank you for the chance to enter.

  67. Oh, I absolutely adore the Ellie Side Table! I just ordered new furniture that gets delivered next week and may have to order one (or two)!

  68. What?? Amazing giveaway, dear! To be honest, what I need from the blue & white collection is one of the nailhead trim headboard. But what I actually love??? Malibu Chandelier. Hands down.


  69. I am really into navy & white this year – love this contest!! And I’m obsessed with poufs so I will have to say the Moroccan white leather pouf is my favorite right now. -@DeltekLauran

  70. The Pondicherry bed with nailheads has been my favorite for a long time! I save all my Serena & Lily catalogs for inspiration – love, love, love

  71. Love, love, love the Indigo Charing Cross rug and the throw! So many needed additions to our home!!

  72. Blue crab crib sheets! Navy and white rugby stripe Ronan duvet! Gobi indigo embroidered pillowcases! White Damascus inlay mirror! Should I keep going? I can! I could purchase every blue and white item from Serena & Lily and be happy forever! This $100 will start me on my way :).

  73. I love the Ellie side table and also the Fillmore bed! But truthfully there are so many good things to choose from! Thanks for the contest.

  74. i so want the navy/clover cabin quilt for my little guy’s big boy room ….and SO many other things too!! thanks for the opportunity to win!

  75. There’s so much to love! I’m drawn to the Aleppo Inlay Table.
    Lucy makes a fantastic cover girl!

  76. ALL OF IT! You somehow tapped into my brain and have collected all I love in the world of blue and white. But specifically, the Navy Border Frame Duvet stands out to me. It’s simple, chic, but has personality but is a good base on which other colors and styles can be layered.

  77. I love all things Serena and Lily, their choices of colour palate and fabrics are always IMPECCABLE! I especially love the Indigo Herringbone throw and the Kyoto pillow. Perfection! jlwhite (at) sasktel (dot) net

  78. I love the white moroccan pouf and the Piccadilly chair.. Love sfgirlbybay and Serena and lily!

  79. I Love the Catalina Duvet set…just redid my bedroom in a Ralph Lauren navy paisley…maybe I can switch out for spring?

  80. I love everything from the James collection. If I had another boy, I’d use this bedding for sure!

  81. I love everything from the James collection. If I had another boy I’d design the room around that bedding for sure!

  82. I would love to have some oversea design in my house in Amsterdam. I just moved in with my boyfriend and really need some beautiful well crafted furniture. Currently I’m loving the pillows Indigo Kyoto Pillow and Navy Spade Pillow to brighten up our sofa!


  83. I think that my favorite would be the white rope bin collection… Those have that super nautical feel without trying too hard. :) You can tweet me at mickeyf19 even if I don’t win! :D

  84. I love the blue herringbone throw and the African storage baskets (they also come in blue and pink but the white are my favorite;) ) I was just admiring the front cover yesterday from the comforts of my couch… It is awesome getting the next season catalogs – and I should also say dangerous to my bank account! Love Serena and Lily!

  85. Definitely love the elephant side table the best. THere’s too much to choose from, though!

  86. The Navy/Cobalt Feather rug – perfect tone of blue and the perfect pattern. i’m in love!

  87. Love the catalina duvet. My daughter wants a blue room because it’s her favorite color, so this would be nice for her!

  88. I love all the blue and white bedding, especially the Catalina Duvet! I’m also in love with the navy feather rug.

  89. I would buy the navy paint if I won. Paint is the easiest and cheapest way to transform a room!

  90. the navy and cobalt feather rug is AMAZING! the perfect combination of graphic and neutral at the same time. (to me, navy is a neutral!) add gold and white and you have a room.

  91. In luuuurve with the Catalina duvet — would be a perfect complement to the other Mediterranean accents in my house!

  92. Such a hard decision as everything is SO beautiful! But I think my favorites are…the Bamileke Side Table – White and the White Moroccan Leather Pouf.

  93. I’ve been wanting the feather rug, kyoto pillow, and pandan bins – all come in indigo/navy. Great giveaway and LOVE that Lucy is on the cover!

  94. Do I have to pick just one?! I love the Indigo Herringbone Throw….beautiful, cozy, practical. Although a close second is the Miramar Chair…classic shape yet it still has a unique and one-of-a-kind feel . Now, put the two together! Yes, please! Just let me grab a book. ;)

  95. My favorite is the senegalese storage baskets in blue. I WANT!!
    They have lovely things, thank you for sharing their site.

  96. I love the navy and white nursery bedding , especially the Kaleidoscope crib sheet, and the white moroccan pouf. Both would be perfect for my newborn in her nursery!

  97. Love, love, love the Buddy Pillow. how cute. I have two dogs of my own, they are really my kids, so I am partial to puppy things!

  98. the spruce street chair. no wait, the indigo kyoto pillow. no, let me change that – the rope bins! ahh, too many good choices!!

  99. Navy and Cobalt Feather Rug PLEASE. Also love the heringbone blanket! Either would work perfectly in my home.

  100. I am completely in love with the Damascus Inlaid Mirror. It is heavenly! Also the Ellie side table or the Curvee shelf table. I’ve already begun to imagine where I would put all of these items in my home and what plants I would put on the shelf table.

  101. Nothing is as beautiful as the Catalina Duvet cover, which reminds me of blue and white Portuguese or Turkish tiles.

  102. I love the indigo charging rug. Love, love, love. Not only are we obsessed with navy and white but I would love to build a room around this chevron style rug.

  103. My first choice are the stairs with Lucy of course, but I suppose they’re not for sale! I love the Damascus inlaid mirror, I need a nailhead bedframe, preferably the Pondicherry and I want the navy and cobalt feather rug…what’s a girl to do?
    Please and Thank you!

  104. I was never a fan of navy or cobalt hues for interiors…maybe because I live on Cape Cod and its a staple color in many homes around here. But after seeing Serena & Lily’s interpretation of these gorgeous shades of blue, I am loving these colors! My favorites are the stairs w/ the Turkish tile (I am of Turkish descent so I’m being biased here!) and I love the Indigo Charing Rug….could work in so many different styles!

  105. LOVE that elephant nightstand! So adorable! Their Miramar chair is wonderful, and I love the navy/cobalt feather rug!

  106. I love to dream of seating in the white pouf and having the herringbone throw in indigo around my shoulders- love!

  107. the catalina duvet slash whole bedding set! wowowowo! thanks for the chance!

    bethdontje at gmail dot com

  108. Indigo Charing Cross Rug – it’s the be all, end all of statement pieces. With that rug, half of the design plan in a room is complete. I’m in love with a rug.

  109. I love the stairs from the front page, pattern mix ups with moroccan style designs in gorgeous tones get me pretty darn excited, but my favourite item would have to be…..the kyoto collection’s block printed throw pillows pattern and colour just waiting to be mixed and matched :)

    thank you for sharing such a great store

  110. The Navy/Cobalt rug is a unexpected combo. Reminiscent of chevron stripes with a fresh color mix. The perfect accent piece to any room. PSBTW, I think Lucy makes the perfect model, especially against those great wallpapered stairs. Lovely!

  111. I would wrap myself in the herringbone throw and sit on any of their lovely chairs to enjoy reading a great novel and occasionally looking out the window at spring.

  112. I adore the Navy Spade Fabric. I must redo my living room sofa in this fabric, I hope it’s easy to get puppy paw prints out of!

  113. I LOVE the Ellie Side Table because of two reasons: 1) I have a couple of antique brass elephant figurines, really big and heavy, that I inherited from my dad and I put them by the fireplace in our living room; and 2) my good friend and I have an inside joke with elephants…she has Usher’s Syndrome, which means her vision is tunnel-like, and there was this one time we were at a Renassiance Faire…a real-life elephant was walking across a field we were at and my friend, who is also deaf, didn’t see or feel the elephant walking in her direction. I had to rush up to her to pull her out of the way before the elephant walked over her! So after that, we started to call anything she had a near accident with an “elephant”, from short bushes to people walking by to little cats or dogs cutting in front of her. I also LOVE the Navy/Cobalt feather rug…the color contrast and design is absolutely gorgeous!

  114. Oh my goodness!…It’s all so lovely! But I have to say my favorite find is the Sarah Bird Lamp.