this is… just so lovely.
by victoria comment


i recently came across the home of blogger this is… and Norwegian based ceramic designer Aune Eriksen in norwegian Elle Decoration and just had to share. I love everything about this beautiful home, especially those unexpected and whimsical pops of hot coral pink (you know i’ve got a thing for that color lately), hues of gray and the natural, exposed beams and wood throughout the house. just so lovely. be sure and check out anue’s blog, this is… — it’s really lovely, too!

• Photography by Trine Thorsen for Elle Decoration.

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  1. How could this NOT be the house of your dreams? Amazing beyond belief or description! I mean, it’s just ridiculous. I got nothing else. *drool*

  2. I love the malibu chandelier! So rustic chic — would add the perfect touch to so many spaces. Thanks for the great opportunity!

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