method to my madness.
by victoria comment


sometimes, i just like to collect images. images that inspire me, colors i love together. there’s not a whole lotta rhyme or reason to it, it’s just the way i get inspired. it’s the method to my madness. it’s kind of like free flow expression, and sometimes i just pin things or save them to my desktop for future posts. i think i’d like to share some.

how do you find your themes, or methods for creating and curating your creativity?
do you pin willy-nilly, with no set plan, or do you curate items that belong together in your brain. i’m curious. do tell.

images above: proud mary cirque pillow; styling by lonny; and arrow fabric by papersparrow, from spoonflower.

images: gilded frames via living etc.; official muppet letterhead via how to be a retronaut; Feathers and arrows stripes by Papersparrow, on spoonflower; rope dye pillow from mercado global; chachette yellow notebook; striped wallpaper in the loo, via fuck your noguchi coffee table.

images: russell smith photography, via desire to inspire; martha davis low plum boots, via; modern man, carnaby street via how to be a retronaut; and kate pugsley original shark head drawing.

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  1. We seem to work the same way! I always tore things out and put them together in sketchbooks, in college I saved/sorted images in folders, and now I use pinterest in combination with the other 2. I’ve even started photographing and pinning some things from my sketchbooks that way they’re in the same place when I want to make an inspiration board.

    As always, love your blog! xo* ~Hannah B.

  2. I love your image groupings!

    I pin willy-nilly, then I curate. Usually in Photoshop or Illustrator, depending on whether I need to clip an image or just arrange things.

    Sometimes I will pin a bunch of stuff that goes together accidentally, just because of the mood I am in when I am pinning. For example, I pinned all these items around the same time, and then realized I had a nice little grouping going on! –>

  3. I think that collecting images comes from that same place in the soul that also relates to an old song- you just kind of recognize something in it- maybe it’s a color or the way the light is falling through a window. Images I collect (for myself anyway), often spurn an old feeling from a past part of my life. It just hits that part of me that can’t speak in words…I just started using pinterest and boy will that save me space in my photo file. But like you- I collect images. Sometimes just because and of course because they inspire creative thinking and sometimes forces me to see things differently. It’s an adventure for sure.

  4. am i sensing a patty page pink moment here? all those black and white stripes and splashes of pink, it reminds me of betsey johnson’s pink apartment with her black and white checkered floor and a giant black tile jacuzzi in her loft. 1980’s, anyone, anyone! :)

  5. Gorgeous madness Victoria!

    Hmm… I usually pin with a pinboard in mind, but sometimes things will creep up on me, too! Nice to look back on though, and see themes creeping through even when you hadn’t intended it.

  6. You are inspiring me to start using Pinterest! That quilted yellow headboard in that bedroom is just downright sexy!

  7. started my inspiration books back when i was 12, and still have a few that magazine scraps and found papers make their way into. then it’s bookmark, pin, bookmark, pin, again + again. somewhere out of all that stuff comes ideas for posts!

  8. my method — i get cravings. i can’t get enough…yellow or peonies or vintage fashion or salads or white sofas or pink rooms. then i go into a frenzy (not really a real frenzy) and gobble up all the images i can find quickly — speed is a factor. after awhile, i look back and see a pattern but that’s not evident at the beginning of the process. i’ve always torn out magazine spreads, newspaper articles. i used to be a magazine saver but no more. it’s all online. with bloggers and pinterest and sharing of favoite pins, i now wonder if we’ll be leading designers — or designers will continue to try to lead us.

  9. I collect pictures like mad! When I feel it’s time for a post, I look through my zillion pics and try to find some that seem to belong together. Sometimes I am surprised how very different pics seem to attract one another.

  10. I do this too! I have all kinds of random saved to my desktop. Hairstyles, stuff from my home and more. Right now, I’m obsessed with design Seeds colorways. Love them!!

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