in my dreams, i live here: austin.
by victoria comment


as i mentioned before, every darn year, sxsw sneaks up on me, and every year it would seem, i miss it. i never plan early enough to make it there, and it’s been on my life list for a while now. so, i figured this week, if i actually lived in austin, texas, i wouldn’t be able to miss it. not for a long shot. throngs of music lovers and tech wizards and people just in search of a real good time hit the streets of austin, or so i hear.

my austin pad will have a bit of old western flair, but with a modern, eclectic twist. i’m going to keep it neutral, with lots of vintage mid-century chairs, a turntable and loads of natural wood, like these living room shots from lonny and melanie acevedo. just for fun, i’m gonna hang some pony string lights from urban outfitters, and a patsy kline hatch show print — austin is the music capital of the world, afterall. and of course, some prickly pear cacti, via alex and gregory.

the dining and kitchen area will be open, with exposed beams like this dining room from lonny, and lots of white. vintage knoll saarinen chairs, and vintage barstools, industrial tubular re-purposed lighting will be a must, from earth sea warrior; and a kitschy deer to bring the great outdoors inside, via melanie acevedo.

i’ll keep the brick exposed and have it create a natural headboard, via apartment therapy. i like this vintage glass lamp adorned with a shade with just a hint of western trim from ethanollie, and naturally, i’ll own some well-worn cowboy boots so i can kick my heels up properly. i think i’ll include a few vintage chairs in the room with a few feminine fabric touches, via 91 magazine. yeehaw!!

• top photo by peter kragballe, via Bolig Magasinet.

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  1. Though I’ve never been to Austin, I’ve long been convinced that I would love living there. These photos definitely sum up that cool, rock star vibe I imagine when I think of the city.

  2. While your images are beautiful (love that lamp!), if you actually lived here, you’d probably find a lot of SXSW very annoying.

    Also, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a saguaro cactus for sale here — they don’t grow in Texas (prickly pear all the way!).

    • living in a tourist destination like san francisco, i’m sure it can get overcrowded during SXSW!

      and thanks for the heads up on the prickly pear – i fixed the image! :)

  3. You would love living in Austin! I do! Only one thang, your gonna need more than one pair of boots, for sure!

  4. I truly fell in love with that city when I visited for the first time, back in November of 2011. I made a goal for my self to move there in 2013, we’ll see how that pans out- haha!


  5. That sounds like heaven! I was just at SXSW and hoo boy was it crazy. In the best sense. Really!

    But when you do go, I suggest you check out East West Show Room where the chef who is an iron worker in her spare time and created some amazing things in her space. Hurrah!

    And could we talk about those freaking pony lights for a minute? I die.

  6. “Niiiiiice Crib!” (what I’d say if I ever came to visit ;)

    My hubby is workin SXSW Woodie Awards right now…. as I type this…. So needless to say, its super suckie that I had to stay home and work. Altho, beautiful features like this remind me that in the end…. its usually worth it :)

    Many thanks Victoria… gonna go share now!

    ursula <3

  7. I love the feel of living in a barn. Also, can someone please let me play with those arcade games? My favorite bar in NYC, Barcade, gives me my usual Atari fix, but having them in my home would be rocking. I love Western and country decor that isn’t tacky Americana. Bravo!

  8. Victoria, you have to come next year! As the previous comment mentioned, if not for SXSW, then definitely come for the Round Top Antique Show. We’d love to welcome you to Austin!

  9. The cool thing if you live in Austin and are a musician, you may often get a request to play with one of the many bands that play at Austin City Limits. My sister who plays viola played for Cat Power. It rocked. I love Austin. Been once (to her wedding), but look forward to going back again. The weather is great in December. The 20 somethings that party at night up and down 6th Street, (your allowed to bring drinks outside) are dressed to the nines. It has a huge social scene going every night like clockwork..

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