sunday in the city.
by victoria comment


happy monday guys! and, we’re back…back to the working week. but i hope your weekend was grand! i had a super fun weekend – miss bonnie tsang was visiting and if you know anything at all about bonnie, is that 1) she’s an amazing photographer, and 2) she loves food, and she likes taking pictures of her food.

so, this is me – trying to keep up with bonnie. we ate quite a bit of yummy stuff, but i can see how she stays slim – she doesn’t really eat it all – she just tastes and savors it all. same with her photographs – they’re yummy and they’re somewhat lean – never too much going on, just enough to keep you interested and wanting more. i love her work and was getting a bit of guidance from her this weekend with my instagrams and my dslr, which was nice. i’d love to be able to shoot like bonnie! here’s a bit of what our weekend looked like.

• all photos sfgirlbybay.

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  1. truth be told just about anyone can instagram.. where you blow others out of the water is with your consistant editing skills
    + personal style. keep raising the bar.. i always enjoy your posts ; )

  2. great photos and it probably was such a fun vacation. haha when i worked with her, i think i ate twice the amount as she did. she is so petite. i should probably follow her lead on small portions.

  3. Gorgeous photos and I echo what the others have said. Don’t underestimate yourself!

    I’m thrilled with the last photo, as my favorite tea vendor has gone out of business and I’ve been searching and searching fruitlessly for another tea company to love. Kusmi looks good and I see they’re available at a shop on Valencia. Must try!

  4. I know where that Joe’s sign is!! Its purdy. Passed it many a time taking the pooch to Fort Funston! :) If Lucy is anything like my Frida, she must have been happy to stretch those legs after a long week of rain and hanging out inside.

  5. i remember her from flickr years back (the pouting photos!!!) because of a friend but have not followed her work since. most probably one of the most improved i’ve seen.

    love your photos!

  6. I agree with Angela that it is your editing skills and personal style (among other things) that make your blog so fabulous! I love Kusmi tea and funny I’m actually drinking a cup of detox as I write this!

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