unexpected guests: new york loft.
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last week i posted a beautiful image of a glimmering white new york loft with tall ceilings accented with a stunning blue chandelier. Tech entrepreneur kathy leake, owner of this beautiful loft, commented on my post and shared that she had actually had her chandelier ‘flocked’ with Yves Klein Blue by Thomas and Vines in the United kingdom, who will flock all manner of objects and surfaces in any pantone color you like. i was so pleased to hear from kathy, i asked if i might share more photos of living etc. magazine’s shoot of her beautiful soho loft and she graciously agreed.

What are a few of your favorite things to do in your SOHO neighborhood?

Our favorite thing is to walk along, or sail on the Hudson River.

Do you have a secret spot or off the beaten path place in your neighborhood you think we should know about?

The Ear Inn — One of the oldest bars in New York City. The Hudson River water line used to come up to the edge of it before the land was filled in to create a bigger Manhattan. It’s in one of the last Federal houses left in the city, Built in 1817.

What are your top three etsy, handmade or online shops?

I source from all over so, hard to pick a top three. I do love Unica Home, All Modern, AreaWare and CerealArt.

What five things can’t you live without?

my husband, my baby Ava, white wine, laughter and passion.

If you could go shopping anywhere in the world, where would it be?

i Wouldn’t mind going back to India to shop again. But for somewhere new, with a modern aesthetic, I guess Sweden.

What’s your favorite quote or expression?

Feel the fear, do it anyway.

What bores you to death?

Small talk.

• Photography by Matthew Williams for Living Etc.

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  1. Wow. I love everything about this loft! The dining area is a favorite. Also, the pops of blue really work nicely with the white/gray color story. Thanks for sharing….

  2. Living Etc. is such an amazing magazine. Their European aesthetic (no matter where the locations that the shoot like this one in NYC) is so fresh and fun and liveable. I find the same with Real Living Magazine from Australia. Even if it’s something like this – a Soho loft – that I’ll never have, there are so many unique ideas that you can apply to your own space.

    And I love the interviews with the homeowners – the personal touch always grabs me.


  3. It’s amazing what you can do with loft spaces! I always thought that this abundance of space will take away some of the charm and coziness a house has, but with the right plan and accessories the result is so inviting.

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