mad for washi.
by victoria comment


i don’t exactly remember when washi tape made its way into my life. i seem to recall seeing it here and there on craft blogs, and then i used some for a photo shoot i was styling, and ever since that moment, i’ve been hooked. japanese washi tape is so simple, and yet it’s kind of elegant, like a lot of japanese design. and it’s so pretty! so i’m a little mad for it, and i order it from etsy all the time. or i bought some in paris at mercĂ­ (that cute one below with the little green, red & yellow polka-dots). or i’ve been given washi as a gift because people know i love it (thank you, katrina). so this is my little ode to washi tape.

i use it to seal the little glassine envelopes i stuff with my temporary tattoo business cards*. and i use it to tape stuff to the fridge, to my my walls, and to hang up artwork, and to seal special envelopes full of secrets. what do you use it for? i’d love to hear your ideas, since i seem to have an abundance of it.

* if you’d like some temporary tattoos, send me an email and i’ll instruct you where to send a self-addressed-stamped-envelope, and i’ll gladly mail some out to you!

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  1. What a wonderful ode to Wasabi Tape! Haha!

    I have been thinking of purchasing some of this recently.
    I believe you have convinced me with your gorgeous photographs.


  2. I love your collection of washi tape Victoria, all of them and they are totally your colors!! I bought 5 today in pastel colors but I was looking for one in neon pink just like the one you have but they didn’t have any at the store… So far I’ve used it to decorate frames and vases, also some tags and cards Oh and I usually post some reminder notes on the door for me to see before I leave the house and I tape them to the door with washi and it looks nice and makes me smile :-)

  3. I think the tape is wonderful both in notes, fashion shoots, and general stationery because it is a way of showing the human touch and human hand. Tape is always ripped with a bit of a rustic wear, never perfectly. Even even a letter is typed, this tape shows you cared enough to rip a piece off!

  4. Yes why, I admire it from afar since it’s so pretty to look at! Maybe the links you shared tempt me this time! Yummy palette!

  5. I’ve never used it, but I’ve been thinking about getting washi tape to redo a little cheapo bookcase I got for free that is kind of beat up in spots. I saw a washi tape IKEA table makeover, and I thought it’d be a really good way to add some fun pattern to it besides simply painting it white (which I will do anyways, for the base).

  6. i know exactly what you mean. despite my rich collection, i am always drawn to washi tape, especially new designs (which seems to be quite frequent!).

    i’m happy to see you using the pastel set! :)

  7. Hi Victoria,

    I love tis post. I also have the Washi bug. I love how versatile it is. I use it in many of the ways that you do. But I also decorate old glass bottles with it when I reuse them as vases. ;) I use it to make handmade cards, to wrap gifts, to decorate notebooks. If it will stick somewhere, I will use it there.

    My friends think I am nuts. They think it’s like masking tape. ;) I am glad to have another washi addict.

  8. Love Washi Tape! I bought 8 different rolls on etsy and covered the keys on my white macbook pro keyboard. It looks so great and I get a ton of comments on it.

  9. I caught the bug a while ago, actually my latest additions look a lot like yours. I use mine on glassine envelopes to package my jewelry. I also love using it to make my boring to do lists more interesting, and therefore more to-do-able.

  10. I love this stuff! I found my first roll years ago in a Japanese store in Queens and used it to seal tons of letters. I also used during the holidays to create a criss cross on boxes instead of ribbon. Fun stuff.
    Little Maison

  11. victoria! I’ve been looking for the red and blue airmail looking one forever- prowled through the etsy links for a bit- no luck… tell me i need to go to paris to get it…. i need a good excuse!

  12. Love washi! How did I never know about it until now?! Where did you get the peach colored one in the last photo! I need it for branding and searching everywhere! Thanks!

    • that peach one was a gift, so i’m not sure. but look on etsy – just search peach washi tape and i bet you find it. or google it! :)