waiting for the queen and other collections.
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i stumbled upon the online gallery shop of penny farthing and pretty much fell in love. i was on the site for a long, long while and could imagine many of their pieces living happily amongst mine! partners Alice Flynn and Sarah Neilsen’s Penny farthing design house is all about style and creating pieces that will add texture to your space — they carry photographic prints, neon lighting, furniture and unique objects and artwork of all kinds. and To assist you with ideas for your home, Alice and Sarah provide an affordable style consultancy service — you can visit their lookbook here.

i truly love this max dupain photograph (above), waiting for the queen. dupain was regarded as one of australia‚Äôs greatest photographers, and i love this simplicity of the images he captured. but, i digress, because i loved many things at penny farthing’s design house – including her neon sculptures. oops? yes, please! have a look — i think you’ll find yourself with a new wish list. and yes, international delivery is available from their australian headquarters. uh-oh.

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  1. the horsey pic is great. & the numbers/symbol piece looks great in that room, that’s exactly the sort of thing i’m looking for to complete my dining room

  2. Hi! In the third photo with the horse on the wall, the clear coffee table-is it 2 together or one? Do you have a source on where i can find it?

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