b is for bonnie.
by victoria comment


and ‘b is also for beautiful’. as you may have seen on my post, los angeles-based photographer bonnie tsang was my houseguest this past weekend, and a wonderful one at that. while i took a nap (what kind of hostess am i, anyway!?) bonnie snapped away at my home, with miss lucy by her side. i’m really excited to see the other photographs she took, but i thought i’d share a sneak peek. i love both the dining room shot with lucy, and the more moody polaroids. thanks, bonnie!

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  1. the two of you are amazing, and the the two of you together are utterly out of this word, and the two of you plus Lucy = a dream come true! Bonnie’s moody Polaroids of your home are to die for woman!!! oxo

  2. it’s so nice to see your light and airy apartment, but those moody polaroids have so much more emotion. either way it looks oh so lovely.

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