crafting aliens invade blogger’s body.
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okay, so the first thing you should know is that i’m not really a crafter. i kinda used to be, but never at the level that so many take it to these days — i mean, they’re bloody professional crafters, and i’m like a junior apprentice sorta lazy crafter. but when we were at method, they had a little crafting session with diy green guru danny seo, and we did a little decoupage bird house project, and i realized i liked it. i really liked it. crafting is pretty relaxing, and feeds my creativity, and then there’s that silly sense of pride i get, even if my project isn’t all that. so, since it was raining all weekend, i decided to get my craft on. and here’s what i made, and how i made it. if i can do it, you totally can too. if you wanna.

i needed a little bedside box to stash my night time accoutrement. i wear earplugs to sleep, and they are a little unsightly, right? big neon things i stick in my ears, so i need to keep ’em outta sight. i also on occasion wear an eye mask, and since mine says ‘f*&k off’ i kind of need to stash that, too (not everybody gets it). and a few other bits and bobs go in the box, too. so i got this little wood box, some mod podge glue, and a foam brush at the local hardware store. cheap, easy.

Step 1: I gathered up some scraps of images, and magazine tearsheets with pretty patterns and some washi tape.

Step 2: the washi tape included some florescent pink i to cut into triangles to add to my design.

Step 3: I begin by placing the large image on the top of the box, and then tearing strips of the paper i’m decoupaging to the box. i like to tear them versus cut with scissors because i like the natural imperfection of it. you can do it anyway you like.

i lightly brush the backside of the paper with mod podge and adhere to the box; then apply more mod podge to to coat the paper to the box. i’m a total slob, so i do this on a large art board. the glue is everywhere. i use my fingers to seal it to the crooks and crevices, like the corners of the box. the glue is all over me, too.

STEP 4: once, i’ve covered the box with my images, i give the box another seal of mod podge to really seal the paper to the box and smooth any rough spots with my fingers. i prop the box open to dry, using an exacto knife — it ‘stabs’ the wood and holds the box open nicely, but you can use anything that props the box open. let it dry for a few hours so it’s not tacky to the touch at all.

STEP 5: i then used washi tape to seal the inside edges of the box (and to hide my many flaws!) and voilá — your craft is complete! fill your decoupage box with all your secret stuff and place in desired spot!

• DISCLAIMER: i in no way think this is perfect, or a work of great art. but it sure was fun and i like it, so there’s that.

25 responses to “crafting aliens invade blogger’s body.”

  1. I think it’s fantastically creative. And the act of creating does truly provide such a therapeutic presence.

  2. I think it’s a work of art! I like your eye mask! ha ha.. I like the box best when it was in stage 1 with the bottom of the box exposed. I think your paper would also look great on the inside- on the sides! ..There is a smoke shop in Piedmont on Piedmont Ave. called the tobacconist. He sells cigar boxes of all sizes. I always buy them to put gifts in.. They start at 3 dollars..

  3. Love your sense of humour! I have ear plugs and a blindfold stashed by the bed as well, so I know where you’re coming from. I reckon your box turned out great!
    Ronnie xo

  4. Love the box, even if it isn’t perfect! But that’s the thing with crafting – it often isn’t and that makes the result all the more charming!!

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