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nothing but gloom here this week in san francisco. the constant pitter patter of raindrops has me wishing for brighter skies and a bit of color. so i’m making my own color today. here you go. my gift to you on a rainy gray day!

one very color blocked kitchen, via elle decor south africa (above and below).

love the black fixtures and appliances with all that color; porcelain tableware and pendant lamps from the mod collective.

french tulips, one of my favorites, always add color, via en mammas dag; and pretty living room with a pop of bright yellow, via helt enkelt.

our city lights diy pink chalkboard door is adorable; i love the fine little day ruperta striped cushion cover; William and Mary Reclaimed Wood Round Side Table with Chartreuse Legs from edies lab; pretty hot pink ostrich pillow from calypso st. barth; and more pink porcelain dishware from the mod collective.

one great magazine storage piece from car möbel and some great pops of yellow!

i love this colorful workspace gallery via design files.

11 responses to “COLOR POP.”

  1. The South Africa decor is cool. The mid-century furniture really pops out against the green kitchen. I like it! It is so windy here where I live I am afraid one of the Eucalyptus tree’s is going to crash down so I am going to go get a burrito just in case.. Saved by a burrito.. Love the garbage can’s too!

  2. Where do I start, I love this post. The tile, so perfect and bold. I love the pink door too, but I’m not brave enough. Did you notice the yellow wall hanging, holding a magazine, is I think a bicycle rat trap? So cool! Love!

  3. That first room is so simple yet so effective! I’ll have to remember it if we ever have a guest room down the track… and a coloured door. I need a bold, coloured door. One day.
    Ronnie xo

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