bonnie tsang secretly snaps while blogger naps.
by victoria comment


so a few weeks ago, the lovely photographer bonnie tsang was my houseguest. and like all good hostesses (ahem) i took a nap and left her all on her own. and like any good houseguest bonnie got out her camera and went to town, secretly snapping pics of my house. it’s probably never looked so good, so i just couldn’t help but share. i know there are a lot (apparently, i slept for a while!), but i couldn’t edit out anything — i’m even sharing my rarely seen, hideous pink & blue tiled bathroom, which she even managed to make look pretty good! thank you bonnie, but you’re just encouraging my extraordinarily long naps.

• all photos by bonnie tsang.

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  1. Those are LOVELY — I’m so jealous. I wish my place was half as lovely & creative as yours. I moved into my new townhouse in Dec and sadly, I feel paralyzed to do anything.

    I think I am going to print out a couple of these images for inspiration…. it’s time to put some nails in the walls!!

    Beautiful — thanks for sharing (and as always – inspiring).

  2. I thought we were going to actually see photo’s of you napping! I really like the second to last photo of the tree in the yard. Your windows are pretty..

  3. No need for editing when you have got such a good taste for decorating and styling, you have a very personal, cosy and interesting house, totally gorgeous photos, and I support 100% the long naps as a good spanish I take them myself, even when in London and encourage my british friends not to feel guilty if they do it now and again. There are there for a reason I always feel fresher and ready for more work, chatting, pilates you name it…

  4. Your home is absolutely wonderful! That industrial bar cart is making me green with envy, and so is your dining room. I wish my naps turned out to be as mutually beneficial as yours!

  5. beautiful photos, beautiful space! i love all the white on white on white with added touches of color and art! might i ask, are the walls a true white, or are they an off-white color? just looking for confirmation instead of me guessing from photos :)

  6. Well, m’dear, it’s no surprise that your home is lovely. Nor is it any surprise that Bonnie could capture all of that loveliness. Even putting the bathroom in its best light. But, are we now to understand that as a house guest we should now plan on having some activity to keep ourselves occupied during your slumber? ;)

    I can’t take pretty pictures like Bonnie but I can bake you a cake…? Hopefully, you’re a heavy sleeper and can peace out through the sound of a mixer.

    Wait. Did I just invite myself over? ;)

  7. Seeing little bits and pieces of your home here on the blog and via Instagram always leaves me wanting to see more! This is amazing. I am in love with your design style.

  8. I still remember those shots from your beautiful home at rue mag. But THESE new ones are fantastic! You’re both so talented and inspiring! Pure bliss!

  9. Love placing the painting collection in the bathroom. The seascapes would make me go and the onlookers would make me pee-shy!! Do you ever do a double-take getting out of the shower?
    And I disagree, a napping hostess gives a snooping photographer the perfect chance to get great shots unexpected. I’ve done it before and it worked out for Bonnie (and you)!

  10. Every time I see photos of your home I feel so inspired! Seeing so many at once is almost too much! Bonnie did a wonderful job of capturing the feel of the space; perhaps next time you should choose another napping spot so we can get more peeks into the bedroom.

  11. I love your apartment!– and I have the same bathroom tile minus the blue. We have pink and grey, it must have been a favorite in the city back in the day. Gorgeous pictures, can you come decorate my house? :)

  12. Gorgeous!
    My SF bathroom is mint green and lavender. I have a mint green tub, sink, and toilet. UGH!! Some guests love it…some can’t quite wrap their minds around it. For now, the walls are painted a complementary pink, I buy only white towels, and I dream of a white white white bathroom!

  13. Of course it’s AMAZING!! I’ve been eyeing your chalkboard wall for forever and might have to duplicate it in my home! Also, I used to have a similar bathroom in my Oakland apartment except it was pink and BLACK. Must be a bay area thing ;)

  14. Gorgeous, I love looking at the detail that Bonnie has captured. I’m totally a napper too, all my friends and family know it too. There is nothing better than a perfect afternoon nap, but also nothing worse than a bad one too. Anyway, your house is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  15. OH MY. I wish my house guests would take lovely pictures like these while I’m taking a nap! All they do is rummage my fridge and leave out dishes for me to wash, haha! :)

  16. your bathroom is so charming! i especially adore the last shot of it that Bonnie captured so beautifully. why oh why have you been denying us this room? :) your sweet mirrored cabinet is the bee’s knees! and i finally covered my dining chairs in furbees (as we lovingly call them) like yours in your chalk nook. so much more comfy now. i think that my sofa misses them though. your place has never looked better V. you & Bonnie have wonder twin powers! oxo

  17. Hello! I love these pics! Your blog is fantastic. Where is your pink and white cushion from, which sits on the white wooden chair? I am from Australia, so hopefully I can find an online store which will post it!

  18. What lovely home you have. Loved the off-white leather pouf! I just got back from Morocco and definitely saw a lot of incredible leather poufs, bags, just amazing craftsmanship and artistry.
    Thank you for this post and Bonnie Tsang is amazing!

  19. so cool to see your stuff from another perspective…everyone’s eye catches something different. thanks for taking that nap!

  20. Hi Victoria, I just came across your blog recently (via Bri @ designlovefest) and have spent many hours pining over how wonderful all of your posts are. This one in particular really got me excited because the way you designed your home is so close to what I envision for my own place. I’m moving at the end of the month and will certainly be seeking inspiration from you and your lovely posts. Beautiful work! Thank you!

  21. Your home and Bonnie’s photos are super fine! I can’t even pick out my favorite part, everything is gorgeous!

    I’m currently painting my bedroom (like actually in my painting clothes, taking a little internet break). I’m going for a subtle shimmering pink, just like your dining area. But the color I picked out is not looking so hot. Any chance you remember the name of color you used? I’d love to avoid spending the next week trying out paint options :)

    Thank you!

  22. I love everything about your space! You have a wonderful touch and make everything look inviting. Where is the light fixture above the dining room table from?

    Thank you,


  23. I love the “adventurers” quote on your wall. I found you through pinterest, and miraculously enough, the pin actually led me here! My friend made a comment that she loved your multi-colored pillow. Might I inquire as to your source?

  24. lovely photos and home. quick follow up question on that pink color–i was at the paint store today, and couldn’t find BM ‘misty pink.’ there was misty blush and misty rose. but neither of them look quite right compared to what i’m seeing on my monitor! i’ve been looking for that wisp of a pink color for my bathroom for a while now… thanks!

  25. HI! I just love your decor! Your dog is adorable, too! I was wondering where your rugs are from… the white fuzzy one and the cow one? Thanks!

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