tuesday’s girl: make mine vintage.
by victoria comment


i love a good vintage frock. nothing comes close these days for bright patterns and an interesting cut. mind you these gals had the waistlines (or girdles) to squeeze into these tiny-waisted little numbers, and that’s not always an easy fit for me. but i sure love these dresses from the 50’s, 60’s and beyond. i went hunting on etsy vintage and paired a few up with just the right outing. like this adorable 1960’s floral jumpsuit from coral root, would be perfect for a garden party, right?

sleeveless wiggle dress from mitu vintage and lotta nieminen’s home from design*sponge.

the tartelette and Vintage 50’s Turquoise Day Dress with Sabrina Neckline from suzie’s corner boutique.

50s black gingham day dress from swanee grace and saipua.

sacredlotus and Vintage Folk Print Gingham day dress from capricious traveler.

sfgirlbybay in amsterdam and 1960s Shirtwaist Dress from female hysteria.

• TOP IMAGE: Ditte Isager via martha stewart.

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  1. These are such lovely pairings! I’ve been inspired by Spring colors and dresses lately and these just take the cake. In particular, that garden party dress.

  2. Love this post! And I agree, the proportions on some vintage dresses make me scratch my head…the bust will be like 38 inches and the waist will be 24 inches. I think a lot of squeezing the tummy and stuffing the bras went on back then. Haha. I wish I was better at alterations!

  3. I made a dress almost exactly like the black gingham check in my 8th grade home ec class. After that, the teacher asked me to teach the class. It fit like a glove & I’ve wondered what my mom did with it. Maybe this is it? That dress will live in my memory forever!

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