white horse home.
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whoa, nelly! look what just rode in on a pretty white horse! i love this new collection of cushion covers and wall hangings from white horse home. sydney, australian-based online shop white horse home makes home accessories from 100% linen cotton, and screen printed using non toxic waterbased inks. simply beautiful.

white horse home is made up of a husband and wife duo, Ryan and Ali Shaw, along with their 19 month old daughter, Luxe. Both having a passion for good design and everything ‘home’, they enjoyed all facets of the process, and are looking forward to expanding their range of existing products — A range of candles will be released later in the year. in the meantine, that ‘today is a good day‘ wall hanging is mine!

14 responses to “white horse home.”

  1. Goodness, I’m from Australia and I hadn’t even heard of White Horse Home myself! Thanks so much for sharing this. What lovely styling and the cushions are just delightful. Going to check out that wall hanging right now!
    Thanks Victoria. Have a great Easter.
    Ronnie xo

  2. I used to live in Australia and like Ronnie above hadn’t heard of White Horse Home so thanks for the introduction! I really like the styling in their shots.

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