the coveting continues.
by victoria comment


oh that covet garden! it just keeps getting better and better — but truthfully, i love every issue. they do a beautiful job of photographing and documenting the interesting people they choose to feature each month. and i like so much that the focus is always just on one person, or family — you feel like you really get to know them. this issue features Nikole, from herriott grace — one of my favorite online shops which nikole runs with her father. these are some of their beautiful pieces just below on the right, and for more visit their shop.

nikole is a young entrepreneur who wears many hats: retailer, pastry chef, photographer and blogger. And she runs her empire from an adorable 390-square-foot apartment. check out this sneak peek of covet garden, and then check in out live online here.

• all photos by michael graydon.

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  1. thanks for posting to let us know the new Covet Garden issue is here!! i love, love, love it so much. and her home is as heavenly as her shop. oh-so-very divine! oxo

  2. Covet garden is lovely but honestly I found the article on Nicole lacking – as in her apartment is tiny; therefore the majority of the photographs have already been done on Design Sponge. I think a different take on Nicole would have been a better angle. I was looking forward to a little more information on her, a better interview perhaps?!

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