atomic table.
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of all places, i found these cool paper placemats at the car wash. yep, the car wash by my house on divisidero street just so happens to have a most adorable gift shop. i picked up these very retro-looking studio oh! paper placements printed on fsc paper and designed by jenn ski and thought it might be fun to try my hand at styling up a little breakfast table. i’m calling it atomic table. just for fun.

i have a whole range of dishes, most of which are not a complete set of anything, but i like it that way. i love mixing them up to create a whole new, and unexpected look. this table setting consists of some of west elm’s new modernist serving bowls and their cute owl butter dish, but it also boasts my favorite vintage white coffee carafe and cups from three potato four, and some vintage franciscan starburst dishes i found at the flea market. i added my beautiful ariele alasko cutting board for a bit of the handmade warmth. do you mix and match from your various collections? what kinds of pieces and patterns do you like to put together? i love it, find it so much more entertaining than everything the same old, same old. what about you?

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  1. No-one likes a bad link. —>
    a href=”>Fiesta series by the Barker Bros

  2. So cute! Love your table. There is something so nostalgic about those colors on your paper mats. Love her wine bags as well. Funny quotes..

  3. I love this post, your use of color and pattern is so great. I think everyone is afraid to have a mismatched table but there is something so wonderful about feeling free enough to do this. On my table I’ll try to have one thing the same, like the main plates will all be white and then everything else is bright and popping off the table.

  4. I love a mismatched table! This one would make me happy to get out of bed in the morning.
    I’m still giggling, though, about buying placemats from a car wash. Talk about multi-tasking :)

  5. thank you, Victoria! I go to that gift shop right by the car wash place, too. funny it’s a car wash and gas station store, and they have some neat stuff. They introduced me to fred & friends.

  6. love that tall slim coffee pot (?) and the brightly coloured bowls. I can just about see Grace Kelly elegantly pouring a cup for James Stewart while he spies on the neighbours.

  7. I love this set of colorful Bauer my mom gave us that she collected back when it was a dollar a plate. I like to mix it with more subtle pieces to make the colors pop. A gray anthro table cloth here and a set of hand painted napkins there. I love to mix and match!

  8. These colors and patterns are so fun! I wish a car wash in my area had a gift shop that cool…
    I really love that yellow bowl. I think it needs to come live on my table.

  9. I love your table design! I still have a few of those vintage franciscan starburst dishes from my childhood. I may have to incorporate them into a fun table setting just like yours!

  10. I love your colorful table! This is the way I like it too – mix and match. I mix in various pieces inherited from my grandmother and my mother with my own pieces; it makes every meal seem even more special!

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