want this look….maybe for a bit less.
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oh my stars! this home belonging to designer harriet anstruther and photographer henry bourne in new york times magazine just has me swooning. first of all that painting — i love Harland Miller’s Penguin Books series — but i love everything about this place. the mix is great – hot pink and white and lots of textures too. from velvet to tufted white leather and cowhide. i’m gonna try and get this look, maybe for a bit less. here goes…

here’s how to get the look: bladon hot pink velvet sofa; ikea KOLDBY Cowhide; black and white polka-dotted pillow from land of pillows; cabana home end table; horchow Bevin Tufted Ottoman; and wittmann alleegasse black & white striped sofa.

• all photos by henry bourne.

17 responses to “want this look….maybe for a bit less.”

  1. I love that Penguin book series, too, and that painting looks totally DIY-able. I’m not the most artistic soul, but I think you could easily pull that off with some watercolor!

  2. Be still my heart! Love the colors, the graphic quality….everything. So smartly edited, too. Fabulous post.

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