the shutterbugs: petra bindel.
by victoria comment


i find myself gearing up for what’s kinda like phase two of blogshop, and this über workshop includes photography lessons from max wanger, and is officially called feet first. and indeed it is — i’m jumping in feet first! so, i’ve been searching around the internet for examples of work i admire, and would like to learn from. in addition to max himself, one of those photographers i keep coming back to is petra bindel. i think it’s a lot about what she sees and how it’s styled, but also about the (or what i perceive to be) natural lighting. i’m gonna be asking max about that. in the meantime, here’s some of the inspiring images of petra bindel.

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  1. That photo class sounds very exciting! I really want to learn more about photo myself, to be able to produce my own material for the blog. Have fun!

    And about Petra you are completely right, she works with natural light. I’ve had the pleasure to work with her on a couple of shoots, and she truly is amazing. Very creative and has an eye out of the ordinary!

  2. Lucky you, I am in real need of a photography workshop where i could learn about how to make the most of natural light and photography in general. I hope you learn lots.

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