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hello again! so, let’s get right to it, shall we? i found this dining room on pinterest the other day (via styled by karl), and although it’s lovely and tranquil, i really want to hang some art in there:

like i said, it really is peaceful, so i don’t want to cover everything in art – maybe just one wall – but i just have to add one other thing on the smaller wall before we get started:

ahh, yes – a lovely white framed floor mirror (and stick!) from west elm for that lonely white wall. ok. now, for the art! this is not a traditional dining room by any means, so i’ve decided not to show any traditional art. nope – not one brush stroke or pencil line in the bunch. ready? of course you are!

gasp! thread – literally thousands of strands of thread stretched across the end of the room to create a stunning piece of art that almost glows from within (by american artist anne lindberg). would that not be amazing in there?! oh, and speaking of amazing:

i would love to look at these strange and beautiful gardens while having my dinner! paper cut & pressed flowers, pinned & framed by utrecht based artist anne ten donkelaar. they really are magical, and those vibrant colors would be amazing in this simple space – but, if you really want to keep the white theme going, then by all means, please do!

white. paper. feathers – yes! seattle based artist sharon arnold creates large scale installations using only hand-cut strathmore paper, and pins. this piece, titled “muff” is 5 feet across and would be an amazing addition this lovely, tranquil space. om.

see? i told you – not one bit of traditional art. of course, you could hang anything you want in this room – it’s a like a beautiful blank canvas! ok, i’ll be back in two weeks with more art hung in lovely rooms. see you then ~ the jealous curator xo


  1. Totally agree. There is a very clear difference between spare and bare. Spare can be beautiful. This room is bare and frankly a bit boring. I would LOVE to see a huge colorful oil painting or textural sculpture as you suggest.

  2. The thread installations would be really great in this space. Actually, with such a blank slate, I think a site-specific installation is really the way to go. It would create such a great focal point.

  3. I love this series, “Art Goes Here”, you point out the obvious, and the ideas you bring to the table are cool! Keep up this series…

  4. Intrigued by the threads – my first thought was that it was like a beautiful pink gossamer cobweb. Then I thought spiders. Living. In. It. And the dust. And all the threads going up the vaccum. And beleive it or not I’m an *optimist*

    I don’t think i’ll be trying it. Pity – it is heavenly.


    • ha! true enough… these works, by anne lindberg, are usually large scale installations in galleries, so they probably aren’t up long enough to gather dust : ) this wasn’t meant to be a DIY idea, just a bit of stunning art placed in a white room! ; )

      • Yeah I got that. I guess Im just a DIY kinda girl. I can barely look at anything without thinking “could I do that?”/ “could I make that?”

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