the new bohemians.
by victoria comment


sometimes all it takes to liven up a room and add a bohemian touch is one big bang! start with a neutral palette and add a signature piece that everybody will immediatley be inquiring about. or add lots of pattern and color — like anthropologie’s amalia stripes pillow and some fun fuzzy love, like their fleece flounce pillows. hang a bold piece of artwork, or prominently display a unique vintage-inspired lamp — any one of those things will really give a room some bohemian modern chic.

now, that’s a statement piece — almost like a big exclamation mark. the home of Helena Rohner, a spanish jewelry designer who’s as passionate about interior design and love homes in line with her personality. (above and below, via elle ).

this zigzag area rug says color pop and looks great paired with the leather sofa, from freedom, via desire to inspire.

how about the ‘oh’ factor? one giant vintage item is sure to get their attention, via house to home.

more pattern, but this time a bit of a mix. you might not think they’d work together, but i think the striped blanket and geometric rug enhance the look, via apartment therapy.

an amazing lighting fixture can do more than light up a room. check out the marion house book’s gorgeous dining room!

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  1. You sure have an impeccable way for not only choosing amazing interiors but explaining in plain words how we can acheive similar looks. I love these features!

  2. I’m slowly working on the whole pattern and texture thing. Right now it seems everything in our home is neutral or solid. The place lacks a bit of “depth” that I think could be achieved by the strategic introduction of texture.

    Throw pillows seem to be the place to start. I love the abstract ones with the asymmetrical fringe you posted in the first picture. But yikes, they cost a pretty penny.

  3. So glad you took some time.. Every artist needs to refuel in order to be creative.I must say as I have mentioned before, I love this blog! Know that even the quiet folks are looking at what you’re posting. Thanks, and take care of yourself. ps. I am an artist working towards my first solo show, let me know if I can send you some pics to consider for the blog.

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