secret hideout.
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after my little crash and burn last week, i took some of your much needed good advice and spent some time outdoors this weekend. i am very lucky to have a secret garden, which when not engulfed in knee-high weeds, is a lovely little spot to hide out in the big bad city. robyn pope gardens transformed the weeds into a happy oasis of green a while ago, replacing them with river rock, minted moss, lavender, rosemary and mexican sage.

and then this weekend, i finally put together this teepee that had been sitting in a box in the garage forever! it’s the most amazing retreat i could hope for. such a peaceful hideout! thanks for all the helpful ideas and well wishes, guys. you can’t know how very much it means to me.

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  1. Really dreamy. Wonderful inspiration for my own little patch of weeds and concrete! I hope to pull off something more inviting this summer and your beautiful photos just gave me a new dose of motivation. So glad your weekend was rejuvenating!

  2. oh thank you for taking us to your secret garden! we don’t have a garden but have just convinced the apartment building to do something about the garden in the front entrance…now I wonder if I can put a teepee in it ;)
    you’ve convinced me we all need a teepee!

    thanks also for continuous inspiration!

  3. Beautiful in every-which way. Everyone needs a secret hide-out! Reminds me of my sister and I who made a make believe perfume store inside a bush we would crawl into when we were kids. Your yard is awesome. Get a water feature to finish it off! I love Chinese egg-jars and placing a bamboo fountain on top of them! xoxo So easy..

  4. I’ve only just found your blog & I think it’s wonderful. I’m sorry to hear you’ve been having a hard time recently – I know how that feels, it’s been a stressful time for me too lately so I can completely empathise. Great that you got to spend some time in the beautiful fresh air and sunshine – oh and that teepee is a must have for sure.

  5. Wow, LOVE it. I would totally sleep out there in warmer weather… especially with Lucy as a guard dog. Would love to see it at night with your beautiful lights.

  6. just getting caught up – relaxing by reading a week’s worth of sfgirlbybay (!) – and firstly want to say sorry that you’re feeling the burnout. While it is hard to be in that place, it is actually a really good thing because it will lead to change/growth/evolution. So really, congratulations are in order! Looking forward to what comes of it. And tactically speaking, you gotta take two days off in a row at least twice a month. I took me a couple of years to figure that out and WHAT A DIFFERENCE! On those days, you have to completely disconnect. You will be amazed at what this does for your creativity. Promise. Good luck, even better things are coming!

  7. Just beautiful! I was just looking at tee pee ideals for a shoot I am doing next weekend for a kids magazine… but a tee pee for grown ups is genius!

    • i got this big furniture pad at pottery barn – and i added lots of old pillows and pillow cases i had from my shabby chic days. ;) and a few blankets!

  8. I’m so jealous!! I want one (said in a whiny kid voice.) If only my little patch of backyard actually had some shade, or a cozy, leafy spot. Good for you, hope it becomes a frequently used retreat for you and Lucy.

  9. I am in love with this space! I am a fan of forts, especially those made in gardens or from chairs, pillows, and vintage sheets. Just bought our first home (in sf actually) and thinking a teepee might be in store for the garden area.

  10. So glad you took some time to refuel and nurture yourself! Seems like that kind of burnout is going around, maybe it’s the time of year?

    I have to tell you, your blog is terrible FOR MY WALLET! Now awaiting arrival of our own teepee. The kids will go nuts, as will I! xoxo

  11. Hope you’re feeling better – if you’re going to get some much needed rest anywhere, then this amazing teepee is the place for it! Plus it’s inspired another blog post (or several), so works on many levels…!

  12. i love this idea and would love to recreate this for my neice. i was wondering if you used the 6′ or 7.5′ one. the one in your pictures looks like the perfet size but when i look at website i an having a hard time figuring out if 6′ is big enough.


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