sunday in the city.
by victoria comment


this sunday in the city, is really a friday in the city. as you may have seen, i took off early and hung out on the streets of san francisco with my friend kim who was here visiting from l.a. we had a little lunch at Momi Toby’s Revolution Cafe, complete with a lovely glass of wine, a walk around hayes valley’s proxy project, including a visit to smitten ice cream (they make it one cone at a time!), flight oo1 (where i drooled over these wallets), and then we headed down to crissy field to lay in the warm sand. a pretty perfect afternoon.

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  1. what’s a warming hut? I am Canadian so a warning hut to me would be where you go when you are skating outside?

    • this warming hut is a cafe along crissy field just below the golden gate bridge. kind of the same thing – people stop for coffee and snacks while walking along the beach.

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