in my dreams i live here: cabin fever.
by victoria comment


like a lot of people, i dream of having a little cabin off in the country to get away to. that’s why i made the teepee! the home away from home in my head though, is perhaps not what typically comes to mind when you think ‘cabin’. i dream of a light and airy space maybe more like a tree fort, with loads of zen-like white, and cozy bedroom with lots of knit blankets and a fireplace to keep me warm at night.

i’ll decorate with lovely old prints, mementos and family photos — like this great gallery by hilary walker. but i’d like to keep clutter to a minimum to help clear my mind, so i’ll leave big empty spaces, too, with nice slouchy sofas, like these via family living.

dining will be keep simple like this pretty dining room with all white dishware (below), and little white dinette, photographed beautifully by bieke claessens, too, with fresh foods and home brewed coffee like this from Benjamin Bergh. i’ll sit quietly and peruse ideas from kinfolk magazine and serve fresh bread on my dip-dyed baguette board from terrain.

• top photos via Morten Holtum (as seen on french by design).

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  1. hi,
i’ve nominated you for the versatile blogger award on my blog –

    if you don’t participate in awards, memes or blogging games then feel free to ignore the tag.

    thank you for inspiring me.

  2. I can’t afford to live in a cabin in the woods currently, but I love to dream about it. For now I’ll have to settle for a tent in the yard…

    You always have such a great aesthetic. Thanks for sharing your beautiful eye for style–

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