sunday in the city.
by victoria comment


as you probably know, i’ve been in los angeles for the week, and return late tuesday. and i’ve been instagramming like crazy. there’s nothing like coming to a new city (even when it’s your hometown) to get the creative juices flowing. i’ve not spent a lot of time on the east side of L.A. and have been in mount washington, atwater village, downtown, and just about all over this end of the city. here’s my sunday in this city.

stay tuned for one amazing house tour coming up when i get back. i shot it while here, and it’s southern california personified, and so, so lovely!

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  1. i know exactly what you mean about going to a new place to ignite creativity – i recently moved back to my hometown for the summer and have already been inspired in more ways than one !

  2. Such great photos… sounds like you’re having such a blast! I spent a time living in SF studying at the Academy of Art, but I’ve never been to LA. Some day! Really love those 2nd and 3rd shots!

  3. Victoria-
    It was so nice spending 3 days with you at feetfirst/ blogshop. I’m so inspired by your photography that I really want to do better with what I post on my blog. I learned a lot in the 3 days and I’m sorry it’s over ( those people are so talented!). Have a safe trip back to SF and I would love to get a coffee with you next time I’m up that way! Teri

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