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sigh. i love this room. victoria included it in a post exactly one year ago today {weird!}, called i spy: that touch of turquoise – and yes, you guessed it, i want to hang some art in there!

however, that blue wall is almost an art piece all on it’s own, so i don’t want to cover it up – it makes the room! so, here’s what i’m thinking:

oh my word, yes! stunning strands of paper jewels by american artist kirsten hassenfeld, hung delicately in front of those huge, sun-filled windows.

ok, i might put something small on the lovely blue wall – ooh, maybe something made of cashmere:

i absolutely love the work of portland based artist/sculptor rachel denny. in fact, i’ve made a promise to myself that i’ll buy one of her domestic trophies before this year is out – oh yes, yes i will! i love the neutral colors {like the cream or charcoal grey} for this room, but a little pop of deep pink couldn’t hurt either!

now, as i said, i don’t want to cover this wall, so a line up of small photographs might work too – especially when they look like this:

gah. canadian artist amy friend has created this magical series using vintage photographs & light – and i think they would be perfect on this moody blue wall. the idea behind the series is this: “in a literal and somewhat playful manner, [amy friend] aimed to give the photographs back to the light, hence the title of the series, daré alla lucé, an italian phrase used to describe the moment of birth.”  lovely!

so there you have it – art went there, but didn’t completely cover that amazing wall. see you back here in two weeks, oh, and if there are any specific rooms that you’d like me to hang art in, please let me know! ~ the jealous curator xo


  1. Wow! The photographic firefly’s has me transfixed! I want to borrow the idea somehow! Genius and tres-beautiful. Thanks Jealous curator.

  2. The photographic fireflies are so intriguing. They really would look amazing in that room.

  3. I am loving these spots by you, inspired does not begin to describe it, you are great at this, perfectly curated!
    Thanks for sharing :)

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