just in time for mum.
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in case you haven’t been inundated with reminders that next sunday is mother’s day, here’s just one more. i was actually born on mother’s day, so i kind of never forget it, but i digress. i am a huge, big, monstrous fan of phaidon books of all kinds, but i really love their cookbooks. they are like works of art unto themselves, with photography to swoon over, never mind the delicious recipes. i’m on the phaidon mailing list, and just got this email that all cookbooks are 35% off for mother’s day with coupon code: MT35MY. the Coupon is valid at phaidon until sunday, May 13th, so if you havent’ picked up a present for your mum, now’s a really good time. bon appetít!

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  1. Happy Early Birthday! Love this image. She’s saying: Husband Tie me up! I love being domestic. Thanks for the code. ;-)

  2. ginette’s cookbook is the best !
    My mother had it and i got it when i was 20.
    It is very easy to use and the dishes are traditionnal frenchcook!
    And when we look for a recipe we say:” what does ginette say about it”
    We consider her as a member of our family!

  3. Hi Victoria – just popping in on a post to say that your blog is lookin’ SO GOOD these days! I just scrolled through 9 full pages and can’t stop.You’re an true inspiration my dear. Hope you enjoy the sunshine today. xx

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