a handmade home.
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have you seen this lovely home tour? it’s actually it’s an old converted barn in santa ynez california, equipped with a hay loft and all (that’s where their guests sleep)! it’s the home of blogger bonnie of going home to roost, a beautiful blog dedicated to living more simply and bonnie’s home is a really lovely example of that. check out going home to roost for a full tour, but here’s some of my favorite inspiration from her post. i’m in love with all that natural sunlight and pastel color.

• all photos via going home to roost.

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  1. Gasp. Omg. Love. I am blown away, it’s absolutely stunning – I don’t think I’ve ever seen a home I adored more. I’m off to take notes – ty ty ty for sharing!

  2. I’ve always loved GHTR. Congrats to Bonnie! I also love this space–especially all the colorful patchwork. Early spring always puts me into a patchwork mood:) This is just the inspiration I’ve been looking for–

  3. This place is stunning! I sighed going through these photos. And, to have a cup of tea, curled up on one of those sofas, gazing out the *windows*?!! Heaven! (Hope things with Christy went well!)

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