i take mine black.
by victoria comment


i was inspired by these great color collage charts created by kontor kontur. this one, obviously honors the dark side of color – black. i’m pretty passionate about black in my home – i just like the way it pops in its own unique and bold way. here’s more about why i love black.

bonjour celine’s amazing quilt (above and below).

mokkasin polka-dotted blanket.

photographer line thit klein.

photographer jakob nyland.

jenna lyons’ beautiful bedroom.

lily’s wonderful workspace.


le souk bedding via apartment therapy.

16 responses to “i take mine black.”

  1. Love black! Thanks for the fun dark side inspired links today, that quilt is especially beautiful :)

  2. I love the high contrast. I am normally drawn more towards pops of color, but there is something so striking about these touches of black!

  3. I’ve always loved your black accent wall (walls?), though I confess that I am a bit too nervous to try black in my own home. How do people respond to your unconventional room? (I’m guessing they love it–)

  4. Ooooh yes I am loving that quilt! We are moving into winter here in NZ and I am searching for the perfect new bed linen but just can’t seem to find anything that I want to dream under ;O(

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