the stylists: rosie brown.
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Stylist and Art director Rosie Brown is creative and versatile in her eclectic approach to interior and lifestyle projects. you may know her as one of the creative forces behind papa stour, an online boutique with a beautiful and unique Scotish flair founded in 2005 by rosie, and later, a collaboration with her sister Sally. After years in London styling for Elle Deco, Living Etc and The White Company amongst others, Rosie moved back to Scotland, and set up Papa Stour, an online shop showcasing Scotland’s most interesting contemporary craft, design and creativity. here’s a peek and her stylish handiwork.

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  1. How fun! I had scrolled down the photos and not read the text. When I got to the last photo I thought, that looks remarkably like an Edinburgh view….so scrolled back up to read the story! What a beautiful, light and airy flat – just what I like!

  2. So many fresh cut plants! They really bring a home to life. Also, I really like the fact that not all the cords are hidden, which makes it feel lived in. And the nontraditional placement of artwork is something I need to experiment more with. Such wonderful photographs.

  3. Oh how I covet that view of the sea of chimneys! When I was in Edinburgh the cycle into town took me about three times as long as it should have because I kept stopping to photograph the chimney stacks. They’re outrageously awesome.

  4. Oh, my goodness. I am just smitten. Lovely, lovely spaces that aren’t quite like anything else I’ve seen. Brilliant.

  5. Love Papa Stour and Rosie’s Edinbugh flat looks great. Scottish style at its finest! Loving the natural ‘lived in’ feel. Often features show homes that seem unattainable and unrealistically styled – not here. I am inspired!

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