sunday in the city.
by victoria comment


as it’s probably been pretty hard to miss, i’m still in the wonderful city that is new york. i’m sorry for the lack of non-new york related posts, but the good news is i have some amazing shops to share and a super stylish home tour coming up later this week.

it’s anna of door sixteen’s beautiful home in newburgh, new york. lisa, jenna and i spent the weekend there, being so well cared for — with delicious food and somehow even better company, so i’m excited to show you the home anna and her sweet husband evan so graciously shared with us. it’s a good tour, trust me. it’s a great one. in the meantime, here’s a look at my very colorful sunday in [new york] city.

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  1. The beautiful colors and art you find in NYC are just stunning. I’m so drawn to it-its’ just naturally creative. As if it lives and breathes art. I’m so intrigued how inspiration and creativity can be that organic!

  2. hey victoria,
    thanks so much for featuring our clothespin windows in your NYC roundup! :)
    it was lovely to meet you in person! xoxo grace

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