you’re in the navy, now.
by victoria comment


i’ve always loved the classic combination of navy blue and black. add a little crisp white and that contrasty look is even zippier. it just screams fresh and modern and maybe even a little bit schoolboy preppy. i like wearing this color combination as much as i like seeing it in decor. maybe it’s just a little bit unexpected and always sophisticated, like a favorite pair of faded blue jeans and a black blazer.

I’ve posted a few more ideas on decorating with navy blue over on babble family style today, so check in for a few more looks.

lonny magazine (above and below).

chris court photography; lloyd ralph design; the society inc.; and petra bindel for elle interiör.

apartment therapy.


• top images via: Michael Graydon; and house and leisure.

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  1. Very cool and very modern and chic at the same time. Lovin the last vignette the best. Something about how random everything is placed.

  2. Hello, i am your new reader from bloglovin and following you on Instagram too. I just love your blog design and your collection of home decor. I hope you don’t mind i am pinning them.i love sharing beautiful works on the net. cheers from singapore :)

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