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  1. I remember my aunt in Vermont telling me that when she grew up in San Francisco she and her mother walked across the bridge with many others on the day before it opened to traffic….she was 6 at the time – and if the bridge looks amazing now wonder what it must have looked like 75 years ago when we weren’t so used to such amazing feats of engineering!

  2. When I lived in SF, I would always get so giddy and awestruck when approaching the Golden Gate.

    You’re right, Victoria. You never get tired of seeing or crossing over that bridge.

    Beautiful photo, too!

  3. It was very exciting to see the Bridge today. Although I didn’t go to the fireworks display yesterday, I was so impressed how clean it was there 12 hours later when I went to visit the awesome exhibits at Fort Point this morning. This is a great photo. Love Lucy in it.

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