trend: neon pink.
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the new june-july issue of elle decor south africa is on fire! it’s one of the best issues i’ve seen, with page after page of inspiring stuff. but this neon, oh how it tugged at my fiery heart! all that gray and then that pop of geranium colored neon pink. i immediately need to find some cabinet knobs to paint bright neon. just smashing, wouldn’t you say?

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  1. wowza! love it all. and i’d love to find this issue where i live. i just painted my kitchen window neon pink & i’m very happy with the little pop that it adds to the otherwise white room. thanks for sharing! oxo

  2. oooh these pics are gorgeous, i love these colour combinations. i completely need to find an antique piece of furniture so i can paint the handles neon pink :)

  3. I searched the fabric store this weekend looking for a print just that precise color of the flowers/type in the first image. Alas it was not to be found and I had to settle for black and white polka dots. But my personal search for neon continues….

  4. I have been loving, no obsessing, over neons! I never used to be a pink girl, but I’m suddenly a convert. Addicted. The wall decor that looks like buttons is just genius.

  5. Love this post!! I am obsessed with neon! I love how it is used here in a more subtle way and it really pops in this setting. It is just the right amount of color to feel vibrant but not make you look back a few years from now and think… What was I thinking??!!

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